Sadness Tightlipped

Zygomaticus Minor Expression

A. Eyebrows with kink in inner third.

B. Oblique across-the-lid fold. C "Floating" crease of zygomatic minor.

D. Compression of orbicularis oris thins upper lip, bulges out lower.

E. Action of mentalis.

F. Mouth widened by risorius/platysma.

G. Signature wrinkle of triangularis.

These two men are expressing their sadness quite differently. The sadness in the face of the man on the left is quite subtle. Just enough of the grief pattern is visible in his eyebrows and eyes to suggest his distress; depending on how you see his eyes, his mouth looks either sad or neutral— the cues are ambiguous. The cues are much clearer on the face of the other man, and his look is that of someone whose grief is barely under control.

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