Sadness The Pout


Much is expressed in the face of this sad little girl, but little is actually visible. Sadness can be a powerful presence, even when the signs are so subtle. Surprisingly, the eyes in isolation (bottom) are not sad but appear sad beneath the kinked brow (top). Little creasing is visible on so young a face, but soft darkening at (A) and (B) is spot where frown lines will probably appear when she's older; darkening at (C) and (D) is beginning of worry lines.

Pouting Expression Drawing

In the pout, center section of upper lip and LBL is unnaturally long, and drops off quickly at corners. Upper lip is an even width across. Shape's due to pull of zygomatic minor (arrows) on rim of orbicularis oris (circle), changing upper lip indirectly. Lower lip is slightly thinned. "Platform" underneath sharply defined, with deep, curved middle crease, all due to mentalis.

Muscles Facial Expression

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