Sadness On The Verge Of Tears

Though almost seventy years of age separate these two individuals (below), their expressions are strikingly similar. Both seem on the verge of tears. The primal expressions, including sadness, do not vary throughout life.

A. Bunching of corrugator, creating crescent-shaped mound around inner eyebrow.

B. Oblique skin fold across upper lid.

C. Mouth stretched sideways, exposing lower teeth.

D. Flattened, rumpled chin owing to mentalis.

When all lower teeth show, it's a bad sign. It's also a sign of trouble when the mouth is open and the inner outline, both above and below, is so straight. With such a young face, there's little creasing on the brow, but the faint bumps between the eyebrows, and the oblique direction of their line, indicate clearly the brows of grief. Note the lifting of the lower lid and slight pouch underneath, strong pull of zygomatic minor, creating mid way wrinkle (A) and puffing the cheeks, and the pull of risorius/ platysma (B), stretching the mouth.

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