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The lower border of the face is defined by the ¡aw. A sensitive drawing will show its sharp changes in direction. Straight lines will work more effectively than curves.

No matter what angle the lower ¡aw is drawn from, it can be marked by three defining lines. The first, corresponding to the chin (A), is flat from both the front and the sides. It connects on either side with the angled lines of the body of the ¡aw (B); short when seen from the front, long from the side or three-quarter view. The upright ramus (C) makes an almost vertical edge, pointing at the ear lobe.

Matter Fact Facial ExpressionFacial Experessions

From the front the upright sides of the ¡aw appear to slant inward slightly from the ears. The break between ramus and body—the angle of the ¡aw— occurs just below the level of the mouth (D). The chin mound is ball-like; on some people there is a groove in the middle, reflecting a similar groove on the front of the ¡aw.

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