Crying Closedmouth

How Draw Eye Crying

The adult face (above) looks more upset than the face of the young girl (opposite) because the eyes are more compressed. If you cover the eyes, the difference between these two faces is less dramatic. If you cover everything but the eyes, the difference remains. In profile, these are key landmarks:

A. Lowered, contracted brows creating ridge above eyes; note projection on outline.

B. Mouth corner pulled back into face.

C. Mentalis flattening and roughening chin, pushing out lower lip and creating sharp wrinkle under lip.

D. Pulling up of outer part of upper lip (action of sneering muscle and orbicularis oculi).

E. Continuous ridge from nose to chin (action of sneering muscle and orbicularis oculi).

F. Intense wrinkling around eye.

G. Strands of platysma standing out on neck.

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