Anger The Face Of Rage


Version 2: Lips stretched; lower lip stretched sideways, not downward. Squared-off look to mouth shape.

The face of a furious four-year-old. Both risorius/platysma and lip depressor muscles are active, but neither is fully contracted. Mouth takes compromise position—note dip downward in lower corner (A), shown nicely in cartoon mouth at (B).

Same expression—even simpler square mouth. Outer curve of the eye-line, rising as high as it does (2), cleverly suggests and exaggerates effect of raised, partly hidden upper eyelid. This is the rage pattern reduced to absolute essentials.

The square shape of the shout is nearly rectangular in this simplified version, with clear nasolabial fold. Upper lid arches high and disappears behind lowered brow. Vertical, not horizontal, forehead folds are in anger pattern.

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"Wrong number? This never happened

Trith Ma Bell!"

The stretched-mouth shout has a shape that apparently lends itself to simplification—in the hands of a cartoonist, it becomes a rectangle with teeth. Real life is more complex; the little girl (below) shows an angry mouth that compromises between versions 1 and 2.

One form stands for two: lowered eyebrow is combined with across-the-lid fold. Note also (1) suggestion of tight lower lid.

Version 1: Lips tightened, thinned; lower lip pulled downward. Slightly oval look to mouth shape.

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