Anger The Face Of Rage

Draw Angry Face

You don't need two eyes to look angry. The basic anger code—wide eyes, lowered brow, and shouting mouth—is equally as recognizable on the face of a one-eyed monster as on a human face. Legendary animator Ray Harry-hausen's cyclops resembles the woman pictured below; its single eyebrow, for example, looks like hers would if they were joined in the middle. The exaggerated glare is calculated; cover the upper rim of the iris and note how much less furious the cyclops seems.

Using anatomy as a decorative element, this mask from the Japanese Noh theater makes a design out of the signature wrinkles of the corrugator. The V shape in the center of the forehead is a designer version of the frown lines. The cashew-shaped bulge at the inner end of the eyebrow is interpreted as a sweeping, curved form, repeated in the moustache and nose curves. The mouth is speaking in anger, with lip edges thinned. The widening of the eyes under the lowered brow is clear.

Simply because an expression exists does not mean that it's effective in a picture. Though this is a picture of an angry person, she is captured at a stage of shouting, with eyes squinting, where our most important cue, the widened eyes, is missing.

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