Anger The Face Of Rage

Sneer Cartoon Expression


Though the eyes vary little in rage, the mouth takes a variety of positions. In every case, the upper lip is lifted in a sneer, exposing the upper teeth. The lower teeth show as well, either by the dropping of the lower lip or by the sideways stretching of the lower lip. The net effect is always the same: a squarish mouth, bristling with teeth and with a strong sense of a snarl, framed by continuous nose-to-chin folds.

This man is putting a lot of energy into whatever he's saying. In ordinary speaking, the teeth are never separated this much, nor is the mouth stretched this wide. This shouting mouth, unlike version 1, is dominated by the lip stretcher, risorius/platysma. (Cords stand out on the neck, as they do whenever mouth is stretched by risorius/ piatysma.) There is also a strong contraction of the inner branch of the sneering muscle, lifting the wings of the nose, crinkling the eye, and creating a high, lifted cheek with a smile-shaped fold above.

A. Action of corrugator.

B. Action of levator labii superiors (middle and inner branches).

C. Action of risorius/platysma.

D. Action of levator palpebrae.

Angry Comic Rage Gaze

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