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Corrugator contraction pulls a horizontal fold (A) across the upper lid. (A similar fold in sadness angles upward.) Though the upper lid (B) line is cut off by the across-the-eyelid fold, we mentally complete its arc, observing that if extended, it would pass well above the iris. The straightness of the lower lid (C) adds a harsh, staring quality to the eye. Its shape is due to the contraction of the eyelid portion of the orbicularis oculi.


There are three branches to the sneering muscle. In crying, most of the work of lifting the upper lip is done by the cheekbone branch, which avoids the nose. In the mouth of anger, the lift shifts to the middle and inner branches. The nose is completely reshaped, lifted up into a sneer by the wings, giving it a pointed look. Nostrils are flared (D). A deep crease with pocket above appears alongside (E). The cheeks puff; bags appear under the eyes (F), and a little wrinkle appears above the upper lip (G).

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