Anger The A L L Mprtant Eyes

Glaring Eyes


The expression of anger revolves around the eyes. The eyes widen in anger, and the wider they open, the angrier we look. What complicates matters slightly is the effect of the brow on the widened eye. Once the artist learns to account for this, great control over the expression of anger follows.

1. Neutral. A man's eyes, with heavy eyebrows quite close to the top of the upper lid.

2. Brow down. Simple contraction of corrugator, pulling the brows slightly closer together and downward. Brows are lower than top of upper lid. This pushes down on upper lid, narrowing eye.

3. Eyes widened. The eyelid lifter has contracted. Its lift is strong enough to partly counteract the pressure of the brow, and eye opens wider. The combination of lowered brow plus widened eye creates the angry glare.

Woman Glaring

The glaring eyes of a woman. It is not necessary for white to show above the iris to recognize a glareā€”the iris, though, must be less than three-fourths covered by the upper lid. Upper eyelid line seems to run into eyebrow.

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