his book might have remained nothing more than a passing idea had it not been for the initial encouragement of my erstwhile instructor and friend Robert Beverley Hale. In more recent times, Carl Rosen and Candace Raney of Watson-Guptill did more than perform their editing tasks with style and dispatch; they communicated to the author an enthusiasm for the book no publishing contract can guarantee. Johanna Bartelt shouldered the marathon task of obtaining reproduction rights from museums and agencies around the globe; I will never again take the illustrations in a picture book for granted. And rather than single out any one thing to credit to Sallie Gouverneur and Pamela Belyea, I'll just say that without their various services over several years, this book would never have appeared.

The work of Dr. Paul Ekman was of crucial importance both in terms of describing the expressions and analyzing the muscular actions that create them. Other individuals whose help was much appreciated: Nick Ullet, Terry Brogan, and the 13th St. Repertory Company, who provided acting services; the persons at the United States Information Agency who helped contact museums and foreign companies for picture rights; Richard Rudich, who was always available with a "cold eye" and an encouraging word; Judy Wyer, who did valuable research; Claudia Carlson, who reviewed parts of the manuscript; and Don Poynter, who, together with my Art Students League Saturday class, helped in many ways. Others who should be singled out include: Bill Ziegler; Rhoda Knight Kalt; Ray Harryhausen; Elliot Gold-finger; Milton Newman; Patricia Belyea; Howard Buten; Rosina Florio;

Dr. Robert Bell; Kyle Wilton; Lee Lorenz; John Kohn of Pro Lab; Jill Herbers; Phil Murphy; Scott Wilson; Arlene Smeal; Robin Weil; Elizabeth Valkenier; Max and Ruth Soriano; Commander Jim Belyea; Claire Gutman; Charles Haseloff; Howard Buten; Joel Kostman; Eli Levin; Marie-Genevieve Vandesande; Shos-hanna Weinberger; Janet Hulstrand; Stashu Smaka; Sybil Faigin; Edward Maisel; Ken Aptekar; Joel Miskin; Laurel Rech; Alexandra Baltarzuk; ABC News; Borden Company; Guinness Company; Stephen Rogers Peck; Kay Hazelip; and finally, all the friends, family members, and students who modeled for the illustrations.

Gary Faigin offers workshops and classes around the country. For further information, please contact: The Academy of Realist Art, 5004 Sixth Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98107.

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