Tolerance boxes zones and datums

The tolerance box is connected to the feature by a leader line. It touches the box at one end and has an arrow at the other. The arrow touches either the outline of the feature or an extension to the feature being referred to. A tolerance box has at least two compartments. The left compartment contains the GT symbol and the right the tolerance value (see Figure 5.16). If datum information is needed, additional compartments are added to the right. Figure 5.15 shows a three compartment box (one datum) and Figure 5.14 shows a four compartment box (two datums). The method of identifying the datum feature is by a solid triangle which touches the datum or a line projected from it. This is contained in a square box that contains a capital letter. Any capital letter can be used. The datum triangle is placed on the outline of the datum feature referred to or an extension to it.

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