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One of the motivating forces for the writing of this book was the demise of the old, much-loved 'BS 308'. This was the British Standard dealing with engineering drawing practice. Many people loved this because it was the standard which defined engineering drawing as applied within the UK. It had been the draughtsman's reference manual since it was first introduced in 1927. It was the first of its kind in the world. It was regularly revised and in 1972 became so large that it was republished in three individual parts. In 1978 a version for schools and colleges was issued, termed 'PD 7308'.

Over the years BS 308 had been revised many times, latterly to take account of the ISO drawing standards. During the 1980s the pace of engineering increased and the number of ISO standards published in engineering drawing increased, which made it difficult to align BS 308 with ISO standards. In 1992, a radical decision was reached by the BSI which was that they would no longer attempt to keep BS 308 aligned but to accept all the ISO drawing standards being published as British Standards. The result was that BS 308 was slowly being eroded and becoming redundant. This is illustrated by the fact that in 1999, I had two 'sets' of standards on my shelves. One was the BS 308 parts 1, 2 and 3 'set', which together summed 260 pages. The other set was an ISO technical drawings standards handbook, in 2 volumes, containing 155 standards, totalling 1496 pages!

Thus, by 1999, it was becoming abundantly clear that the old BS 308 had been overtaken by the ISO output. In the year 2000, BS 308 was withdrawn and replaced by a new standard given the designation BS 8888:2000, which was not a standard but rather a route map which provided a link between the sections covered by the old BS 308 and the appropriate ISO standards. This BS 8888:2000 publication, although useful for guidance between the old BS 308 and the newer ISO standards, is not very user-friendly for students learning the language of engineering drawing. Hence this book was written in an attempt to provide a resource similar to the now-defunct BS 308.

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