Oblique projection

In oblique projection, the object is aligned such that one face (the front face) is parallel to the picture plane. The projection lines are still parallel but they are not perpendicular to the picture plane. This produces a view of the object that is 3D. The front face is a true view (see Figure 2.7). It has the advantage that features of the front face can be drawn exactly as they are, with no distortion. The receding faces can be drawn at any angle that is convenient for illustrating the shape of the object and its features. The front face will be a true view, and it is best to make this one the most complicated of the faces. This makes life easier! Most oblique projections are drawn at an angle of 45° and at this angle the foreshortening is 50%. This is called a Cabinet projection. This is because of its use in the furniture industry. If the 45° angle is used and there is no foreshortening it is called a Cavalier projection. The problem with Cavalier projection is that, because there is no foreshortening, it looks peculiar and distorted. Thus, Cabinet projection is the preferred method for constructing an oblique projection.

An oblique drawing of the bearing bracket in Cabinet projection is shown in Figure 2.8. For convenience, the front view with circles was chosen as the true front view. This means that the circles are true circles and therefore easy to draw. The method of construction for oblique projection is similar to the method described above for isometric projection except that the angles are not 30° but 45°. Enclosing rectangles are again used and transposed onto the 45° oblique planes using 50% foreshortening.

Oblique Projections

Figure 2.7 Oblique projection

Front face parallel to picture plane

Figure 2.7 Oblique projection

Oblique Engineering Drawings

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