Linear and angular dimensioning

The latest ISO standard concerned with dimensioning is ISO 129:1985. However, it is known that a new one is soon to be published which is ISO 129 Part 1 (the author sits on BSI/ISO committees and has seen the draft new standard). It has been through all the committee approval stages and has been passed for publication. However, it is being held back, awaiting the approval of a Part 2 so that they can be published together. The BSI estimates the publication date will be 2003, hence it will be ISO 129-1:2003. There have been versions prior to 1985 and each has defined slightly different dimensioning conventions. Needless to say, the 2003 convention gives a slightly different convention to the 1985 one! Throughout this section, the 2003 convention will be presented so that readers are prepared for the latest version.

Figure 4.3 shows a hypothetical spool valve that is defined by 14 dimensions in which 12 are linear and two angular. The valve is shown using the ISO principles of line thickness described in Chapter 3. Note that the valve outline uses the ISO type 'A' thickness whereas the other lines (including the dimension lines) are the ISO type 'B' thin lines. The outline thus has more prominence than the other lines and hence the valve tends to jump out of

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