Drawing Of Gears Joshua Nava Arts

Gear teeth are a repetitive feature similar to screw threads or splines. It is not necessary to show their full form. In non-sectional views, gears are represented by a solid outline without teeth and with the addition of the pitch diameter surface of a type G line. In a transverse section, the gear teeth are unsectioned whereas the body of the gear is. The limit of the section hatching is the base line of the teeth as shown in the drawing in Figure 3.17. In an axial section, it is normal to show two individual gear teeth unsectioned but at diametrically opposed positions in the plane of the section. All details of the gear type shape and form need to be given via a note. In a gear assembly drawing which shows at least two gears, the same principle as for individual teeth (above) is used but at the point of mesh, neither of the two gears is assumed to be hidden by the other in a side view. Both of the gears' outer diameters are shown as solid lines. The standard ISO 2203:1973 gives details of the conventions for gears.

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