First Angle Projection

Figure 2.13 First angle projection of a bracket

First angle projection is becoming the least preferred of the two types of projection. Therefore, during the remainder of this book, third angle projection conventions will be followed.

2.5.3 Projection lines

In third angle projection, the various views are projected from each other. Each view is of the same size and scale as the neighbouring views from which it is projected. Projection lines are shown in Figure 2.14. Here only three of the Figure 2.12 views are shown. Horizontal projection lines align the front view and the left-side view of the block. Vertical projection lines align the front view and the plan view. The plan view and the left-side view must also be in orthographic third-angle projection alignment but they are not projected directly from one another. A deflector line is placed at 45°. This line allows the horizontal projection lines from the plan view to be rotated through 90° to produce vertical projection lines that align with the left-side view. These horizontal and vertical projection lines are very convenient for aligning the various views and making sure that they are in correct alignment. However, once the views are completed in their correct alignment, the projection lines are not needed because they tend to complicate the drawing with respect to the main purpose, which is to manufacture the artefact.

It is normal industrial practice to erase any projection lines such that the views stand out on their own. Often in engineering drawing

First Angle Projection

lessons in a school, the teacher may insist projection lines be left on an orthographic drawing. This is done because the teacher is concerned about making sure the academic niceties of view alignment are completed correctly. Such projection lines are an unnecessary complication for a manufacturer and therefore, since the emphasis here is on drawing for manufacture, projection lines will not be included from here on in this book.

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