1. True or false? Answers can be found in the text or in the figures in Chapter 1.

■ The correct ISO term for engineering drawing is 'Technical Product Documentation'.

■ Engineering drawing depends upon the English language.

■ Visualization is all-important in engineering drawing.

■ The 'highest' standards are the ISO standards.

■ A grid reference system should be included on all engineering drawings.

■ There should be a 15mm border around all drawings.

■ Engineering drawings produced on a CAD system are more valid than manual (hand-drawn) drawings.

■ Noise can never enter the design process.

■ Specification can be achieved in 3D engineering drawings.

■ The preferred engineering drawing paper sizes are the 'A' series.

2. Explain why engineering drawing can be described as a language. Use any engineering drawing of your choice to illustrate your points (Sections 1.4 to 1.6).

3. Compare and contrast the following terms: 'Representation', 'visualization' and 'specification' (Section 1.5).

4. Design your own engineering drawing template that you can use at any time in the future. It should include border, title block, centring marks and whatever else you want to include from Section 1.6.

5. Explain the difference between 'computer aided draughting' and 'computer aided design' (Section 1.7).

6. Explain why the ISO recommend the term 'technical product documentation1 rather than 'engineering drawing'.

7. You are the designer of the hand vice shown in Figure 1.11. You want it made and have decided to subcontract it. What types of drawings do you think you would produce to be sent to the subcontractor (Section 1.6.2)? How many of each type would you need to send to the subcontractor to SPECIFY the vice design?

8. Explain how engineering drawing prevents optical illusions (Section 1.4).

9. A subcontractor receives a set of engineering drawings from a contractor, which give details of a complicated assembly and its various parts. They are asked to manufacture all the parts and assemble the artefact. What size do you think the drawings would be and what things would be printed as standard on each? Would any 'standard' thing be on one drawing and not on another? (Section 1.6.1.)

10. Explain why it is advantageous for an engineering design company to conform to ISO standards rather than any particular national standard.

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