Iti Engineering Drawing

11. True or false? Answers will be found in the text or in the figures in Chapter 2.

■ 3D engineering drawings should always be completed in perspective projection.

■ Axonometric projection is a particular type of isometric projection.

■ The best pictorial projection is isometric projection.

■ Cavalier projection is to be preferred to Cabinet projection.

■ Third angle projection is to be preferred to first angle.

■ Projection lines need to be included on engineering drawings.

■ A sectional view of a part should always be used when there are internal details.

■ There should always be at least three views of a part.

■ The letters 'RSV' refer to 'reverse standard, view'.

■ Second angle projection is valid under some circum-

12. Draw a 3D pictorial drawing of a 'block' house of your choice. For example, the roof can be a triangular block, the walls and doors can be rectangles and the windows and chimney can be squares. Avoid the use of curves.

Draw a third angle projection of your house. From this, draw a perspective projection of the house using two vanishing points.

13. Reproduce Figure 2.6 (a cube with circles on each face) in isometric projection as shown, then draw it in oblique projection.

14. Figure Q14 shows the bearing block in Figures 2.5 and 2.8. It is drawn in oblique projection and a scaled grid is included for dimensional guidance. Draw isometric as well as oblique views of the bearing block but use different viewing directions (your choice) from those in Figures 2.5 or 2.8.

Figure Q14

15. Figure Q14 shows the bearing block in Figure 2.8 with a scaled grid for dimensional guidance. From this, draw the following views in third angle projection:




Iti Engineering Drawing Third Angle View

a front view;

a left-side view;

a right-hand side sectional view;

a rear view;

a plan view;

an inverted plan view.

Include hidden details. Do not dimension. Label the views.

16. In the sketches in Figure Q16, two drawings of various rectangular blocks are given in third angle projection. They are in the ratio one unit high and two units long. Complete the third view and then draw each in isometric as well as oblique projection. Use any convenient scale of your choice.

! ? i 1 1 1_____1



' ]


j ? |


r — — -i t i | ? ! 1 I L-----------I

Figure Q16

17. Figure 1.12 is the drawing of the movable jaw. Redraw this in third angle projection using four views as follows:

■ the left-hand side view section through the centre (as shown);

Include all hidden details so that you overcome the need to have the stepped section. Do not dimension. Label the views.

18. Figure 2.16 shows the drawing of a flange. If the outside diameter is 150mm, then, using scaled measurements, draw the following views in third angle projection:

■ a front view (as shown but unsectioned);

■ a full plan view rather than the half plan shown;

■ a right-hand side sectional view projected from the front view.

Include hidden details. Do not dimension. Label the views.

19. Choose one of the rectangular blocks in Figure Q16 and draw it in trimetric projection with, say, a = 40° and (3 = 10°, and dimetric projection with, say, a = 20° and P = 20°. Ignore any foreshortening. Compare these with your isometric projection drawing. Is there one you prefer? Why?

20. Using Figure 2.15 as a guide, draw second and fourth angle projection drawings of the block shown. From these drawings, explain why they are illogical projections.

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