Circular Total Runout

Runout is specified on cylindrical parts. It is measured by placing a gage on the part, and rotating the part through 360 degrees. The total variation is recorded as the runout.

• Circular runout is measured at one location.

• Total Runout is measured along the entire specified surface.

Circular Runout Example

Circular Runout

Total Runout Example

Circular Runout

Cylindricity Example

Cylindricity Callout

Perpendicularity Example

Engineering Drafting Example

Angularity Example

Engineering Drawing Parallel Callout

Measuring angularity is equivalent to measuring parallelism at an angle.

Conventional (Coordinate) Tolerancing

Engineering Drawing With Tolerance

In the conventional tolerancing scheme, a hole center axis can reside anywhere in the square tolerance zone. The drawing may call out linear tolerances of +.005", but...







By how much can the hole location deviate from spec?

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