To draw an ellipse from part of a cone

Figure 12.2 shows the method of drawing the ellipse, which is a true view on the surface marked AB of the frustum of the given cone.

1 Draw a centre line parallel to line AB as part of an auxiliary view.

2 Project points A and B onto this line and onto the centre lines of the plan and end elevation.

3 Take any horizontal section XX between A and B and draw a circle in the plan view of diameter D.

4 Project the line of section plane XX onto the end elevation.

5 Project the point of intersection of line AB and plane XX onto the plan view.

6 Mark the chord-width W on the plan, in the auxiliary view and the end elevation. These points in the auxiliary view form part of the ellipse.

7 Repeat with further horizontal sections between A and B, to complete the views as shown.

End Elevation View

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