Theoretical circuit diagrams

Design staff will prepare theoretical circuit diagrams where all the necessary connections for the correct operation of the system are included. Different sections of industry freely use other terms, such as schematics, sequence diagrams and flow charts.

In all these diagrams the component parts are arranged neatly and if possible horizontally or vertically. If several diagrams form a set, then the style of presentation should be consistent.

One of the conventions with this type of diagram is that components should be arranged so that the sequence of events can be read from left to right, or top to bottom, or perhaps a combination of both.

The diagram does not differentiate between the physical sizes of the separate components. The actual component shape may not be reflected in the standardized symbols and the arrangement on the diagram will not attempt to indicate the true layout of all the items.

Basic engineering practice follows where specifications will be produced for all parts of the system covering, for example, the components in detail, materials, manufacturing processes, relevant standards, inspection procedures, delivery dates and costs. The customer needs to know exactly what is being supplied, and details of financial arrangements. Contracts will

Carry input

Carry input

True Manufacturing Wiring Diagram

be exchanged when supplier and client are satisfied. Obviously failure of any aspect of an agreement may involve either party in financial loss and litigation could follow. It is of course in nobody's interest that this should occur.

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