Sunk keys

Examples of sunk keys are shown in Fig. 17.5, where the key is sunk into the shaft for half its thickness. This measurement is taken at the side of the key, and not along the centre line through the shaft axis. Figure 17.5 shows useful proportions used for assembly drawings.

Square and rectangular keys may be made with a taper of 1 in 100 along the length of the key; Fig. 17.6 shows such an application. Note that, when dimensioning the mating hub, the dimension into the keyway is taken across the maximum bore diameter.

A gib head may be added to a key to facilitate removal, and its proportions and position when assembled are given in Fig. 17.7.

A feather key is attached to either the shaft or the hub, and permits relative axial movement while at the same time enabling a twisting moment to be transmitted between shaft and hub or vice versa. Both pairs of opposite faces of the key are parallel.

A double-headed feather key is shown in Fig. 17.8 and allows a relatively large degree of sliding motion between shaft and hub. The key is inserted into the bore of the hub, and the assembly is then fed on to the shaft, thus locking the key in position.



Rectangular key

Sunk Rectangular Keys

y Square key

Taper 1:100 on this face

y Square key

Taper 1:100 on this face

Gib-head key

Taper 1:100 on top surface

Gib-head key

Taper 1:100 on top surface

Gib Head Key



Double Headed Feather Key

Fig. 17.8 Double-headed feather key

A peg feather key is shown in Fig. 17.9, where a peg attached to the key is located in a hole through the hub.

Figure 17.10 illustrates a feather key which is screwed in position in the shaft keyway by two countersunk screws.

Key And Keyway Design

Fig. 17.9 Peg feather key

Feather Keyway

Fig. 17.10 Feather key

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