Size of computer

As a rough guide to selection, the larger the drawing and degree of complexity, the more important is the performance and power of the computer and its operator.

If a drawing contains large areas which are crosshatched or shaded, for example, it is important to be able to redraw illustrations quickly to prevent time wasting.

It is easy to obtain demonstrations of computer power and this is recommended. When selecting software products required to operate with each other, it is necessary to check compatibility; your dealer should advise.

You will appreciate from the applications mentioned above that associated specialist software is being developed all the time both here and in the US. The one certain aspect is that future trends will use applications needing greater amounts of computer memory, so the chosen system must be expandable. Consideration must also be given to the question of storing drawings, filing systems and information retrieval.

Given the rapid progress and changes in the Drawing Office during the last ten years the only prediction one can make is that the role of the draughtsman, far from diminishing, is more important than ever.

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