Singlepart drawing

A single-part drawing should supply the complete detailed information to enable a component to be manufactured without reference to other sources. It should completely define shape or form and size, and should contain a specification. The number of views required depends on the degree of complexity of the component. The drawing must be fully dimensioned, including tolerances where necessary, to show all sizes and locations of the various features. The specification for the part includes information relating to the material used and possible heat-treatment required, and notes regarding finish. The finish may apply to particular surfaces only, and may be obtained by using special machining operations or, for example, by plating, painting, or enamelling. Figure 7.1 shows typical singlepart drawings.

An alternative to a single-part drawing is to collect several small details relating to the same assembly and group them together on the same drawing sheet. In practice, grouping in this manner may be satisfactory provided all the parts are made in the same department, but it can be inconvenient where, for example, pressed parts are drawn with turned components or sheet-metal fabrications.

More than one drawing may also be made for the same component. Consider a sand-cast bracket. Before the bracket is machined, it needs to be cast; and before casting, a pattern needs to be produced by a patternmaker. It may therefore be desirable to produce a drawing for the patternmaker which includes the various machining allowances, and then produce a separate drawing for the benefit of the machinist which shows only dimensions relating to the surfaces to be machined and the size of the finished part. The two drawings would each have only parts of the specification which suited one particular manufacturing process. (See also Figs 14.34 and 14.35.)

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