Simplified drawings

Simplified draughting conventions have been devised to reduce the time spent drawing and detailing symmetrical components and repeated parts. Figure 7.7 shows a gasket which is symmetrical about the horizontal centre line. A detail drawing indicating the line of symmetry and half of the gasket is shown in Fig. 7.8, and this is sufficiently clear for the part to be manufactured.

If both halves are similar except for a small detail, then the half which contains the exception is shown with an explanatory note to that effect, and a typical example is illustrated in Fig. 7.9.

A joint-ring is shown in Fig. 7.10, which is symmetrical about two axes of symmetry. Both axes are shown in the detail, and a quarter view of the joint-ring is sufficient for the part to be made.

The practice referred to above is not restricted to flat thin components, and Fig. 7.11 gives a typical detail of a straight lever with a central pivot in part section. Half the lever is shown, since the component is symmetrical, and a partial view is added and drawn to an enlarged scale to clarify the shape of the boss and leave adequate space for dimensioning.

Repeated information also need not be drawn in full; for example, to detail the peg-board in Fig. 7.12 all that is required is to draw one hole, quoting its size and fixing the centres of all the others.

Similarly, Fig. 7.13 shows a gauze filter. Rather than draw the gauze over the complete surface area, only a small portion is sufficient to indicate the type of pattern required.

Knurled screws are shown in Fig. 7.14 to illustrate the accepted conventions for straight and diamond knurling.

Engineering Drawing Slots

Fig. 7.9 When dimensioning add drawing note 'slot on one side only'

Gasket Drafting DimensioningEngineering Drawing Slot Engineering Drawing Slots

Part Section XX

Fig. 7.11 Part of a lever detail drawing symmetrical about the horizontal axis

Part Section XX

Fig. 7.11 Part of a lever detail drawing symmetrical about the horizontal axis

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