Righthand conical helix

The conical helix is a curve generated on the surface of the cone by a point which revolves uniformly around the cone and at the same time either up or down its surface. The method of construction is shown in Fig. 10.13.

1 Draw the front elevation and plan of the cone, and divide the plan view into a convenient number of parts (say 12) and number them as shown.

2 Project the points on the circumference of the base up to the front elevation, and continue the projected lines to the apex of the cone.

12 11 10


Fig. 10.13 Right-hand conical helix

3 The lead must now be divided into the same number of parts as the base, and numbered.

4 Draw lines of intersection from the lead to correspond with the projected lines from the base.

5 Join the points of intersection, to give the required conical helix.

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