Projection symbols

First angle projection is widely used throughout all parts of Europe and often called European projection. Third angle in the system used in North America and alternatively described as American projection. In the British Isles, where industry works in co-operation with the rest of the world, both systems of projection are regularly in use. The current British and ISO standards state that both systems of projection are equally acceptable but they should never be mixed on

Engineering Drawing And Projection

HP Projection

Fig. 4.6 VP is the vertical plane. HP is the horizontal plane. AVP the auxiliary vertical plane. GL is the ground line


HP Projection

Fig. 4.6 VP is the vertical plane. HP is the horizontal plane. AVP the auxiliary vertical plane. GL is the ground line

the same drawing. The projection symbol must be added to the completed drawing to indicate which system has been used.

Figure 4.8 shows the recommended proportions of the two projection symbols.

Figure 4.9 indicates how the First angle symbol was obtained from projections of a tapered roller. The Third angle alternative is given in Fig. 4.10.

Please note the movement suggested by the arrow in Fig. 4.9, Fig. 4.10 and also in Fig. 4.8, since orientation is the main clue to understanding the fundamental differences in projection systems.

An experienced draughtsman must be fully conversant with all forms of orthographic and pictorial projection and be able to produce a drawing where no doubt or ambiguity relating to its interpretation can exist.

Projection Symbols





Drawing paper

Drawing paper

Engineering Drawing Practice View

Drawing procedure drawing sheet so that the spaces between the three drawings are roughly the same.

Stage 2 (Fig. 4.12). In each view, mark out the main centre-lines. Position any complete circles, in any view, and line them in from the start, if possible. Here complete circles exist only in the plan view. The heights of the cylindrical features are now measured in the front view and are projected over to the end view.

Stage 3 (Fig. 4.13). Complete the plan view and project up into the front view the sides of the cylindrical parts.

Stage 4 (Fig. 4.14). Complete the front and end views. Add dimensions, and check that the drawing (mental check) can be redrawn from the dimensions given; otherwise the dimensioning is incomplete. Add the title and any necessary notes.

It is generally advisable to mark out the same feature in as many views as is possible at the same time. Not only is this practice time-saving, but a continuous check on the correct projection between each view is possible, as the draughtsman then tends naturally to think in the three dimensions of length, breadth and depth. It is rarely advantageous to complete one view before starting the others.

Generally, industrial draughtsmen do not complete one view on a drawing before starting the next, but rather work on all views together. While projecting features between views, a certain amount of mental checking takes place regarding shape and form, and this assists accuracy. The following series of drawings shows stages in producing a typical working drawing in first angle projection.

Stage 1 (Fig. 4.11). Estimate the space required for each of the views from the overall dimensions in each plane, and position the views on the available

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