Projection exercises

It is clear to us after teaching draughting and CAD for many years that visualizing a proposed new product in three dimensions, which is how you naturally view a finished article, is difficult when it is necessary to read more than one complex two dimensional drawing simultaneously. The draughtsman also ultimately needs to produce technically correct drawings, often from vague initial ideas. The very action of making proposal drawings stimulates many questions and their answers allow development to continue. Modifications to original ideas involve drawing amendments and changes to one view invariably have a 'knock on effect'. Comprehension, understanding and the ability to read technical drawings fluently comes with practice.

The following simple exercises are designed to assist in the perfection of draughting skills. They are equally suitable for CAD and the drawing board. Produce answers for each series and select standard sizes of drawing sheets, taking particular care with linework and layout.

If the CAD software program permits, move the separate views for each exercise so that they are positioned a similar distance from each other. Then experiment and position the groups to give a pleasing layout on the drawing sheet. Note how uniformity can improve presentation and give a professional appearance. Layout is a very important aspect when preparing drawings for desk top publishing applications.

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