Mockups and prototypes

Mockups and prototypes show how products and mechanisms look and perform but building them is a time-consuming process. A 3D model is life-like, popular and can be of considerable assistance for publicity purposes especially where the client has limited technical experience. Recent developments are easy to use and an economical method of demonstrating engineering design concepts.

Drawings can be communicated by email and have the advantage that they can be viewed by anyone who has a Windows PC. Products can be rotated through 360 degrees to show how they appear from any angle so that movement through their cycle of operations can be demonstrated. Simulation may be sufficient to reduce the need for expensive prototypes.

Maximized sales and marketing opportunities may result from presenting new and novel product designs more effectively to customers and business prospects.

Models can shorten development cycles and assist in fast product design changes.

Animated drawings give you the opportunity to explode or collapse an assembly to demonstrate how the components fit together.

Confidence in a particular project also results from confirmation that it is acceptable and suitable in the market place.

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