Mech Soft

The MechSoft program contains many wizards, used to assist in the design of a large variety of mechanical solutions, which conform to National and Company Standards.

The detailed component drawings are of the parametric type; all are mechanically correct and used to create automatically, new components. All of these parts are compatible with the Autodesk Inventor Series.

A typical small assembly is shown in Fig. 3.21. A gearbox is to be manufactured in a range of sizes using standardized components. The assembly sequence requires each of the parts to be selected from their detail drawings. In a specific order, parts are manipulated into position and the mating relationships tested.

Mechanical design checks can be undertaken at any time throughout the design process in seconds. The assembly is easy to create, manage, link and understand. The entire assembly can also be modified automatically by a change in the mechanical specification and remodelling is almost instant.

This advance is one of the most beneficial developments available to a designer in the area of productivity tooling.

Further details can be obtained by contacting [email protected].

The following picture gallery (Fig. 3.22) illustrates some of the interesting developments which have taken place with the advances in computing technology in recent years. All of the software programs are associated with the basic AutoCAD program. For further detailed information visit

Autodesk Autocad Software Models

Fig. 3.21a

Standard For Engineering Drawing
Fig. 3.21b Printed by kind permission of MechSoft.
Standard For Engineering DrawingAutocad Car Engine DrawingDetailed Drawing Fuel Injector Detailed Drawing Fuel Injector

Fig. 3.22 (continued)

Gearbox Engineering Drawing
Fig. 3.23 An assembly drawing of a fuel injector for a diesel engine. Drawn to BS and ISO standards, this is a typical professional CAD drawing which could be produced using AutoCAD LT or software with a similar specification.

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