Drawing paper sizes

The British Standard BS8888 recommends that for normal practical purposes the area of the largest sheet is one square metre and the sides are in the ratio of The dimensions of the sheet are 841 mm x 1189 mm. For smaller sheets the longest side is progressively halved giving the designations and dimensions in Table 5.1. Since the AO size has the area of one square metre, paper weights are conveniently expressed in the unit 'grams per square metre'.

Table 5.1

Name of firm, Drawing number, Component name,

Drawing scale and units of measurement, Projection used (first or third angle) and or symbol, Draughtsman's name and checker's signature, Date of drawing and subsequent modifications, Cross references with associated drawings or assemblies.

Other information will vary according to the branch and type of industry concerned but is often standardized by particular firms for their own specific purposes and convenience.

Table 5.1


Size (millimetres)



841 x 1189

1 m2


594 x 841

5000 cm2


42O x 594

2500 cm2


297 x 420

1250 cm2


210 x 297

625 cm2

Drawing sheets may be obtained from a standard roll of paper or already cut to size. Cut sheets sometimes have a border of at least 15 mm width to provide a frame and this frame may be printed with microfilm registration marks, which are triangular in shape and positioned on the border at the vertical and horizontal centre lines of the sheet.

Title blocks are also generally printed in the bottom right-hand corner of cut sheets and contain items of basic information required by the drawing office or user of the drawing. Typical references are as follows:



Engineering Drawing Scale Size


Fig. 5.1 Standard size reductions from AO to 35 mm microfilm


Fig. 5.1 Standard size reductions from AO to 35 mm microfilm

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