Dimensioning keyways parallel keys

The method of dimensioning a parallel shaft is shown in Fig. 17.15, and a parallel hub in Fig. 17.16. Note that in each case it is essential to show the dimension to the bottom of the keyway measured across the diameter of the shaft and the bore of the hub. This practice cannot be used where either the shaft or hub is tapered, and Fig. 17.17 shows the method of dimensioning a keyway for a square or rectangular parallel key in a tapered shaft, where the keyway depth is shown from the outside edge of the shaft and is measured vertically into the bottom of the slot. Figure 17.18 shows a tapered hub with a parallel keyway where the dimension to the bottom of the slot is taken across the major diameter. A parallel hub utilizing a tapered key is also dimensioned across the major diameter, as indicated in Fig. 17.19.

Fig. 17.15 Keyway in parallel shaft

Fig. 17.15 Keyway in parallel shaft

Keyway Slot
Fig. 17.16 Keyway in parallel hub

Fig. 17.17 Keyway for square or rectangular parallel key in tapered shaft

Draw Keyway

Fig. 17.18 Tapered hub with parallel keyway

Tapered Keyway

Fig. 17.19 Parallel hub with tapered keyway

Fig. 17.18 Tapered hub with parallel keyway

Fig. 17.19 Parallel hub with tapered keyway

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