Design layout drawings

Most original designs are planned in the drawing office where existing or known information is collected and used to prepare a provisional layout drawing before further detailed design work can proceed. This type of drawing is of a preliminary nature and subject to much modification so that the designer can collect his thoughts together. The drawing can be true to scale or possibly enlargements or reductions in scale depending on the size of the finished product or scheme, and is essentially

Fig. 7.4 Typical collective assembly drawing of a nut with bolts of various lengths a planning exercise. They are useful in order to discuss proposals with prospective customers or design teams at a time when the final product is by no means certain, and should be regarded as part of the design process.

Provisional layout drawings may also be prepared for use with tenders for proposed work where the detailed design will be performed at a later date when a contract has been negotiated, the company being confident that it can ultimately design and manufacture the end product. This confidence will be due to experience gained in similar schemes undertaken previously.

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