Compression springs

(a) Conical compression (d) Cylindrical compression springs with ground ends spring with ground ends

Figure 25.1 shows two alternative types of compression springs for which drawing conventions are used. Note that the convention in each case is to draw the first and last two turns of the spring and to then link the space in between with a thin-chain line. The simplified representation shows the coils of the springs drawn as single lines.

Note. If a rectangular section compression spring is required to be drawn then the appropriate shape will appear in view (e), view (d) will be modified with square corners and the 0 symbol in view (f) replaced by □.

A schematic drawing of a helical spring is shown in Fig. 25.2. This type of illustration can be used as a working drawing in order to save draughting time, with the appropriate dimensions and details added.

Figure 25.3 shows four of the most popular end formations used on compression springs. When possible, grinding should be avoided, as it considerably increases spring costs.

Figure 25.4 shows a selection of compression springs, including valve springs for diesel engines and injection pumps.

(b) Section convention


(e) Section convention

(e) Section convention

(c) Simplified representation (f) Simplified representation Fig. 25.1

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