Chain lines

Particular care should be taken with chain lines to ensure that they are neatly applied and attention is drawn to the following points:

(a) All chain lines should start and finish with a long dash.

(b) When centre points are defined, then the chain lines should cross one another at solid portions of the line.

(c) Centre lines should extend for a short distance beyond the feature unless they are required for dimensioning or other purpose.

Fig. 5.3 Example showing imaginary lines of intersection
Chain Line Dimensioning

30 |

60 x $12 / Equally spaced / as shown



s \ \

Fig. 5.5 Interrupted view application s

Fig. 5.4 Initial outline applications

(d) Centre lines should not extend through the spaces between views and should never terminate at another line on the drawing.

(e) If an angle is formed by chain lines, then the long dashed should intersect and define the angle.

(f) Arcs should meet straight lines at tangency points.

(g) When drawing hidden detail, a dashed line should start and finish with dashes in contact with the visible lines from which they originate.

(h) Dashed lines should also meet with dashes at corners when drawing hidden detail.

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