Chain dimensioning and auxiliary dimensioning

Chains of dimensions should only be used where the possible accumulation of tolerances does not endanger the function of the part.

A plan view of a twist drill stand is given in Fig. 14.5 to illustrate chain dimensioning. Now each of the dimensions in the chain would be subject to a manufacturing tolerance since it is not possible to mark out and drill each of the centre distances exactly. As a test of drawing accuracy, start at the left hand side and mark out the dimensions shown in turn. Measure the overall figure on your drawing and check with the auxiliary dimension given. Note the considerable variation in length, which results from small errors in each of the six separate dimensions in the chain, which clearly accumulate. Imagine the effect of marking out say twenty holes for rivets in each of two plates, how many holes would eventually line up? The overall length is shown in parentheses (157) and is known as an auxiliary dimension. This dimension is not one which is worked to in practice but is given purely for reference purposes. You will now appreciate that it will depend on the accuracy with which each of the pitches in the chain is marked out.

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