Product requirement The specified line shown on the surface must lie between two parallel straight lines 0.03 apart.

Drawing instruction A typical application for this type of tolerance could be a graduation line on an engraved scale.



In the application shown above, tolerances are given controlling the straightness of two lines at right angles to one another. In the left-hand view the straightness control is 0.2, and in the right-hand view 0.4. As in the previous example, the position of the graduation marks would be required to be detailed on a plan view.

Case 2

Product requirement The axis of the whole part must lie in a boxed zone of 0.3 x 0.2 over its length.

Drawing instruction As indicated, the straight-ness of the axis is controlled by the dimensions of the box, and could be applied to a long rectangular key.

Case 3

Product requirement The axis of the whole feature must lie within the cylindrical tolerance zone of 0.05.

Drawing instruction

Case 4

Product requirement The geometrical tolerance may be required to control only part of the component. In this example the axis of the dimensioned portion of the feature must lie within the cylindrical tolerance zone of 0.1 diameter.

Drawing instruction

0 0.05
0 0.1

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