End Face Run-out

Product requirement

The component is required to be rotated about datum axis C, with datum face B set to ensure no axial movement.

The circular radial runout on the cylindrical portion must not exceed 0.05 at any point measured perpendicular to the datum axis.

The circular runout on the tapered portion must not exceed 0.07 at any point measured normal to its surface.

The circular runout on the curved portion must not exceed 0.04 at any point measured normal to its surface.

The axial runout of the end face must not exceed 0.1 at any point measured parallel to the datum axis of rotation.

Circular Runout Measurement
Datum axis C Rotate part about datum axis

Drawing instruction

Cumulative Radial Runout

Circular runout provides composite control of circular elements of a surface.

Total runout provides composite control of all surface elements. The complete surface is measured, and not single points, as in circular runout.

Total runout controls cumulative variations of perpendicularity which can detect wobble, also flatness which can detect concavity and convexity.

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