Care and storage of original drawings

Valuable drawings need satisfactory handling and storage facilities in order to preserve them in first class condition. Drawings may be used and reused many times and minimum wear and tear is essential if good reproductions and microfilms are to be obtained over a long period of time. The following simple rules will assist in keeping drawings in 'mint' condition.

1 Never fold drawings.

2 Apart from the period when the drawing is being prepared or modified, it is good policy to refer to prints at other times when the drawing is required for information purposes.

3 The drawing board should be covered outside normal office hours, to avoid the collection of dust and dirt.

4 Too many drawings should not be crowded in a filing drawer. Most drawing surfaces, paper or plastics, are reasonably heavy and damage results from careless manipulation in and out of drawers.

5 Do not roll drawings tightly since they may not lie flat during microfilming.

6 Do not use staples or drawing pins. Tape and drawing clips are freely available.

7 When using drawings, try to use a large reference table. Lift the drawings rather than slide them, to avoid smudging and wear.

8 Drawings should be stored under conditions of normal heat and humidity, about 21 °C and 40 to 60% relative humidity.

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