Bushed bearing bracket

Front and end views of a bushed bearing bracket are shown in Fig. 18.1. Copy the given front view and project from it a sectional end view and a sectional plan view taken from cutting planes A-A and B-B.

Figure 18.2 shows details of a table for a drilling machine. Draw half full size the following views:

(a) A front view taken as a section along the cutting plane A-A.

(b) The given plan view with hidden detail.

(c) An end view projected to the left of the front view with hidden detail included.

Hand Drill Technical Drawings
4-08 holes

rift rift

Bearing Bracket Drawing
5 8 38 8 5

Operating arm

Clamp base

Bushed Bearing Bracket


Cam plate tQr-



= >5 (





5 Turns of 03 wire ground flat at each end

Free length

(J) Spring

Draw your solution in first angle projection and add the title and projection symbol in a suitable title block.

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