Building management

Figure 27.8 and 27.9 show possible schemes for partial and full air conditioning. In addition to the controls indicated there will be all the associated ductwork, filters, water, steam and electrical services. An electrical control panel is usually necessary for the wiring of interconnected equipment, instrumentation, and to isolate plant for servicing. Although operations are generally fully automatic, emergency hand control facilities are often specified.

In an industrial situation where many departments exist under the one roof, a central building management system is necessary if the Plant Engineer requires to know what is happening in the installation at any time.

Figure 27.10 shows a diagrammatic arrangement of a building management system with software designed specifically for the installation. Control is from a standard IBM compatible PC(1), see Fig. 27.11.

The operator can check how any of the peripheral components (4) are working. Control units for major items of equipment such as boilers, fans, etc. are shown as item (3). Individual room controllers (5) control energy consumption as a function of room occupacy, the time of day and season. System controllers (2) coordinate process control tasks such as the overall management of energy.

The Plant Manager has instant access to data using a mouse operation and pull down menus. Individual schematic diagrams can be displayed. Recorded data over a period of time can be displayed or printed out.

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