Access into the computer network

Every CAD installation requires access responsibilities to be defined for the operating staff and the following example relates to an educational establishment.

A typical College of Technology may consist of three separate departments, each requiring to use a common computer facility where a central processing unit is installed. Each department is serviced using a tree and branch system leading to the desks of staff holding different levels of responsibility, and to student outlets in classrooms, drawing offices and laboratories. All members of staff and students need to gain access to the computer freely, and in their own time, and be able to store their work safely.

A Head of Department, however, may need to gain access to the students' work to monitor progress.

All members of the college staff would wish to have a personal file and keep confidential records. A lecturer must be free to allocate space to students in several classes, so he or she will open subdirectories as necessary and possibly delete work at the completion of a course.

Figure 2.2 shows a directory structure where access can only be made into the system provided the keyboard operator logs in a personal identity number. Each member of staff will be assigned two directories:

(b) a personal directory (PD).

The TLD is the attach point for the user into the system. The lecturer is free to 'open subdirectories for students' work and each student's file will be protected from the rest of the class. The Head of Department has access to a lecturer's TLD and through to a student's file.

The above system can be adapted for any graded organization where controlled access and protection for records is desirable.

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