Engineering Drawing Checklist

In order to avoid overstated requirements and unnecessary costs in engineering drawing preparation, ASME Y14.100-2000 shall be carefully tailored to meet the user needs. It is essential that the applicability of the numerous referenced documents, especially regarding basic practices, be as definitive as possible. Many users will have limited need for the detail contained in Nonmandatory Appendices B through E. Accordingly, consideration should be given to any application of these Appendices as the user will conclude that the detail contained therein is well beyond their contractual or application intent. The manner and extent of needed tailoring will vary with end-item requirements, the design activity's needs and systems, and customer requirements. In addition, the use of other associated ASME Y14 Standards may require tailoring to meet the needs of both design activities and users of engineering drawings. Therefore, Table A1, a checklist to aid in tailoring, is provided as a minimum for consideration.


A. Drawing Media (Choose all that apply)

(1) Non-digital (Specify (?) Digital Data (Specify (3) Other (Specify

) □ ) □ ) □

B. Drawing Format (Choose One)

(2) Government (forms supplied by the Government)

(3) Government (forms supplied by the Contractor)

□ □ □

C. Drawing Sheet Size and Format (Choose One)

(2) ASME Y14.1M

□ □

D. Application Data (Choose all that apply)

(2) Required

(a) On drawing

(b) Ry reference (Specify

(c) Contractor option

(3) General use or multi-use notations

(a) allowed

(b) not allowed

□ □□□ □□

E. Drawing Detail (ASME Y14.24) (Choose all that apply)

(2) Multidetail

(3) Tabulated

□ □ □




F. Dimensioning and Tolerancing (Choose all that apply)

(1) Metric

(2) Decimal-inch

(3) Application of ASME Y14.5M

(a) Specific issue (revision) required (Specify issue )

(b) Issue in effect (Specify issue )

G. Drawing Notes (Choose One)

(1) On drawing

(2) By reference (Specify )

(3) Contractors option

H. Types of Drawings (ASME Y14.24) (Choose one)

(1) Contractor selects

(2) Government selects

I. Maintenance of Multi-Sheet Drawings (ASME Y14.35M) (Choose all that apply)

(1) Drawing revision level (DOD preferred)

(2) All sheets same revision level

(3) Sheet revision level

J. Redrawn Drawings (redrawing without change) (ASME Y14.35M ) (Choose one)

(1) Advance revision level

(2) Revision level is not advanced

K. Maintenance of Revision History (Choose all that apply)

(1) Contractor option

(2) Optional methods

(a) Remove one or more revision record as required

(b) Remove all previous revision history

(c) Remove all revision history but retain line entry for revision authorization and date of revision

(d) Remove all except revision preceding current

(e) Maintain revision history in its entirety

L. Adding Sheets (ASME Y14.35M) (Choose all that apply)

(1) Contractor option

(2) Optional methods

(a)Renumber sheets using consecutive whole numbers

(b)Number added sheets in decimal-number sequence

(c)Number added sheets in alpha-numeric sequence

M. Deleting Sheets (ASME Y14.35M) (Choose all that apply)

(1) Contractor option

(2) Optional methods

(a) Renumber all affected remaining sheets

(b) Affected remaining sheets not renumbered (revision status of sheets block is updated with

notations such as CANC or DEL)

N. Markings on Engineering Drawings (Choose one)

(1) Special items and processes apply

(a) Applicable symbols (Specify )

(b) Applicable special notes (Specify )

(2) Special items and processes do not apply



O. Associated Lists (ASME Y14.34M) (Choose all that apply)

P. Types of Associated Lists (ASME Y14.34M) (Choose all that apply)

Q. Angle of Projection (ASME Y14.3M) (Choose one)

R. Language (Choose one )

S. Applicability of Appendices

(1) Appendix B

(2) Appendix C

(3) Appendix D

(4) Appendix E

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