Comic Heads By The Divided Ball And Plane

The above are simple applications of the method. These are no more difficult than by the previous plan of attaching forms directly to the ball. However, the chance of error is greatly lessened. You might as well have the complete method as part of it. Time spent on these pages will prove of sound value to anyone sincerely interested in the drawing of the head. It is suggested that you go on with the book and come back to this section at intervals. As you try you will improve. By all means do not give up. That hand of yours will be doing surprising things before long.

Comic Heads

FcfUShed caitk Pen THE PRETTY GIRL

A pleasing head of a girl depends ninety-nine percent on how well you draw it. More exactly, the ball must be drawn well, the construction lines correctly placed on the ball and plane, and the features nicely placed. Remember there is the width of an eye between the eyes. Do not place the mouth too low or get the nose too long. I have used a pen here. Try it sometimes.

Draw Eyes Construction
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