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You know, I've a hunch you have been itching to get into this portion of the book. Well, it is really going to be great fun to create little people of your own, doing anything you want them to. There is nothing hidebound in this plan either. Take it in easy doses for the fun that's in it. Whether the folks you draw will ever bring home the bacon is a matter of circumstance and how clever you get to be. But it's worth the effort to get that bang out of being able to do it. When you were a very...

Method Of Checking

Paper Airplane Pointed Down Cartoon

The blue lines in the diagram above are our same construction lines. They may be done on tracing paper over any face. You can thus quickly find a feature that has been incorrectly placed. You can also find the ball and plane position in a photographic head this way. Whether you are building or tearing down, the method applies. Vox should now e able to construct and ftmsh these.

Here We Go

Brevi Racconti Vignette Stampare

The proportions of your little figures may be varied in any sort of way. Below we show a variety of comic exaggerations. We shall start at once to put them into action. There will always be movement of the parts. Draw this page carefully and become thoroughly familiar with the movement of each part. Take any jointed doll if possible, one jointed at the waist. This fellow was a plain wooden art-store man-nikin. In order to make him exist for you as something more than wooden chunks, I dolled him...

Some Heads Based On Page

Ball And Plane Method

This page must give you some idea of the unlimited variety of types and characters possible through building by the Divided Ball and Plane method. There are thousands of types, and each looks different mostly because of the skull rather than the features. It's fun to study an individual, and try to figure out what kind of ball and plane go together to make up his face. You really learn to look deep into character, and beneath the surface. This method calls for no clairvoyance, but a quick eye...

Comic Heads By The Divided Ball And Plane

Draw Eyes Construction

The above are simple applications of the method. These are no more difficult than by the previous plan of attaching forms directly to the ball. However, the chance of error is greatly lessened. You might as well have the complete method as part of it. Time spent on these pages will prove of sound value to anyone sincerely interested in the drawing of the head. It is suggested that you go on with the book and come back to this section at intervals. As you try you will improve. By all means do...

Also By Andrew Loomis

Andrew Loomis Face Proportions

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