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Jackets come in a wide variety. Flight jackets and riders jackets are two commonly seen types. In 1925, the U.S. military invented flight jackets to protect pilots from cold temperatures at high altitudes. It seems the style grew in popularity and was utilized in civilian fashion for riders jackets and stadium jackets.

Motorcycle enthusiasts make use of the anti-cold functionality and the collar and cuffs are usually fitted with elastics or belts to further protect the body from the wind. Other parts of the jacket are made of materials that permit the body to move easily.

Flight Jackets

The military probably thought these up with their easy-to-wear nature in mind. The collar and cuffs seem to be mostly made of rubber.

Jacket is a general term for clothing worn for outdoor use. The length extends a bit beyond the waist. Anything longer is generally not called a jacket.

Today, flight jackets are a part of ordinary fashion and are worn by non-military people. They are made of a variety of materials from leather to nylon to other synthetic fibers. Despite not having many novelties, they are rich in design.

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