Collars pt

Since flight jackets were designed for the military, they emphasize function over style.

Stand-up Collars

Ees-gn differences exist in ttie Httside of collars.

Folded Collars

Differences are noticeable depending on the design such as how the collar spreads out towards the outside or if the tip of the collar is rounded or not.

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| Riders Jackets |

As the name suggests, these jackets were thought up for motorcycle riders. Simple, as well as, lavish designs are commonplace. The design of the collar and cuffs has been tightened with heat insulation in mind. While flight jackets place a preference on easy wear using mainly elastic and/or strings to tighten the clothing, riders jackets make use of belts and straps. This difference is probably decorative and interesting designs exist.

This jacket is fitted with two belts. The sleeves are a bit on the long side with tightened cuffs.

Some designs interweav the belt for tightening inl jacket.

While it is fine to draw designs that actually exist for use in the worlds you create, try drawing your own unique designs. Use the basic parts of other designs for reference when creating the different parts of your design. While the example here is a riders jacket, the same principles can be applied to freely create other costume designs.

Here are a variety of collars in addition to the ones mentioned earlier.

Jackets of this design seem to actually exist.

Stand-up Collars

Folded Collars

When all the fasteners are closed, the jacket looks like this.

Button-up Collars

Swiss Collars

The collar is folded in two.

This jacket with a sailor collar is a

Stadium Jackets

! Stadium jackets originally came into existence as American sportswear and I have a variety of uses like letterman jackets. In Japan, these jackets are often i worn as casual wear.

" e buttons on women's jacket are on the ::pcsite side from men's jackets. Please r:te that most of the examples found in this tiok are for men's jackets. Also be aware "U some women prefer to wear men's «even when women's designs exist. Ite decision on where to place the buttons sicurs.

depending on the thickness of the material. Thick materials produce fat lines; thin materials produce detailed lines. Leather is considered to be a thick material.

If a jacket you draw looks like a jacket, most readers will be able to imagine it as such and ascertain the quality and feel of clothing based on the shape. For those who want to further emphasize the quality and feel in your drawings, start by first considering the hardness and thickness of the clothing.

The buttons on women's jacket are on the /

opposite side from /

men's jackets. Please /

note that most of the /

examples found in this /

book are for men's I

jackets. Also be aware f that some women prefer f k to wear men's jackets / / even when women's / /

designs exist. The KV

decision on where to place the buttons is ]

yours. U\jjJ

Ink the shadow with black.

Coloring the shadows with black is a basic technique for emphasizing the look and feel of leather jackets.

As you color the shadows, consider the adjustment of the light and the unevenness of the wrinkles in the leather.

Qualil»M The lines of the wrinkles change

Then, attach a light amitoon (between 30 and 40%) or a gradation tone over the entire jacket. Depending on the light, etch out areas that are reflective and shiny.

Light strikes this part of the wrinkle.

The rule of thumb is that wrinkles are generally convex areas. Light strikes the top part of the convex wrinkle.

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