Drawn Animation

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Bird Wing Positions

Nimating birds and animals is an acquired art, requiring a great deal of careful study, although the basic movements can be broken down into simple formulas. In animation there are traditionally four basic positions for a flying bird. The two most obvious are the wings-up and wings-down positions. The breakdown positions, however, are not as straightforward. The traditional positionings of the breakdown drawings are

Correct Breakdown Position

Correct Animation

Returning to the walk itself, you may wonder how to animate the rest of the body so that the whole figure is in movement. The most important thing to remember in all standard walks is that if the left leg is forward, the right arm is forward to counterbalance it see drawing 1 . Similarly, if the right leg is forward, the left arm is forward see drawing 9 . Following all the principles you used to inbetween the legs, you can now produce a passing position for the whole body. First, slowly act it...