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How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy is a 134 page car drawing guide in downloadable e-book format, jam-packed from cover to cover with all the tips and techniques previously known by only a small handful of professional designers. This program contains all the information you'll ever need to draw perfect looking cars quickly and easily that will amaze your friends. This e-book has over 144 high-quality illustrations and photos which give you step-by-step instructions on how to become a expert at car drawing in no time at all. It is choc-full of tutorials on every aspect of drawing cars as well as providing all the necessary theory to get you up to speed on the key principles fast. You can either pick and choose what you want to know and have the practical instructions to get you started straight away. Or learn the foundations to help you draw any car you wantFast. This is a complete step-by-step guide to drawing cars fast and easy that you'll be referring to for years to come. You'll learn: How To Quickly And Easi Read more here...

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Shadow Sketches

Fruit Drawings With Shadows

Put some of your fruits and veggies on a plain, middle-value surface. A plain gray cloth (or other middle-value color) is ideal. Light them to bring out dimensionality. Using your 14-x-17 drawing pad, make a few sketches in charcoal, concentrating on contour and those shadow shapes you identified in Chapter 4, just to get a feel for the medium. Practice smudging the charcoal dust with your finger, or if you'd prefer, substitute a QjTip for a similar effect. I discovered a medium that I loved,...

Example Of Drawing Line

Soon achieve the same technique as I and everyone else who has made the effort before you. Here is your exercise space . This example will test your sureness of eye and ability to maintain a given line direction The object is to draw lines from any direction in toward the given point. Triangles can be interlinked as well Random interlinking of rectangles. You will soon grasp the principle. Draw something similar

N nitroPDFpro

Line Drawing Images Animals Nature

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How Draw Shadows Different Objects

This drawing shows a corner of a room being lit by natural light through a window. The light sifts gently over the objects and casts soft shadows. There is a shape of darker tone, running under the sink and the countertop, and in the left side of the sink. The darkest area defines the separation of the sink and the countertop. The artist has kept his shadows light to impart the sense of daylight filtering into every object and onto every surface. Kitchen Sink, by Richard Maury, courtesy of...

Method Of Checking

Paper Airplane Pointed Down Cartoon

The blue lines in the diagram above are our same construction lines. They may be done on tracing paper over any face. You can thus quickly find a feature that has been incorrectly placed. You can also find the ball and plane position in a photographic head this way. Whether you are building or tearing down, the method applies. Vox should now e able to construct and ftmsh these.

The Muscles In Light And Shadow

Drawing Lessons Proportion

STUDIES OF AN ANATOMICAL CAST WHITc th ese ade to how ths anatomy of the hhad lm its solid asp oct, oras form in ught and .shadow. if you can draw from casts, it is recommended todo so. many st oents skip the ahtique Class , not realuimc ts true vauue . it 1 advantage ts that the suoject develops solidity and excellent for study of values- i suggest yoo 1 laks. some care pul free.ha.mt9 Duplications op these prawiwcts if you have. no similar casts mear.

Six Different Fairy Drawing

Draw Charcoal Colored Paper Landscape

As Anakin would say, this is where the fun begins Time to color For Nute Gunray, I decided to use watercolor and ink, but you can experiment with different watercolors, markers and paper. The smooth surface makes it good for mixed media. You might also want to try illustration board, 32 - which holds watercolor well. If you all you have is regular drawing paper, don't hesitate to try markers or even colored pencil. Start by blocking in large areas of local color. Lay down light colors first and...

Out Values

Light Shadow Drawing

When you smudge, both the movement of your pencil and finger echo the shape of the object you draw. Feel its contours in your imagination, then recreate that impression with the movement of pencil and or finger. Give yourself permission to do it, to play with it. It's a kind of finger-painting technique that works to create the illusion of an object's surface. Wherever you're sitting now, check out contrasts in the values around you books on the shelf, furniture, the markings on your cat, the...

The Portrait

How Draw Basic Shapes With Shadows

Many individuals are fascinated by the multitude of faces that they see and are compelled to draw them. However, beginners often find it too difficult a subject for them to tackle based on their skill level. In this chapter, we will attempt to demystify portrait drawing by conveying some basic principles that will help the student draw more three-dimensional, solid, and sensitive portraits. The Allure of the The Portrait in Three Facial Features Drawing a Tonal Portrait 214 Gallery Portrait...

From infancy to adolescence

Wonderful Memories Cartoon

For most of my students, it has proved beneficial to go back in time to try to understand how their visual imagery in drawing developed from infancy to adolescence. With a firm grasp on how the symbol system of childhood drawing has developed, students seem to unstick their artistic development more easily in order to move on to adult skills. Making marks on paper begins at about age one and a half, when you as an infant were given a pencil or crayon, and you, by yourself, made a mark. It's...

Nature in Various Mediums

Pencil Drawing Nature

Up to this point, we have been discussing the many elements that go into composing a landscape. Now we begin to put it all together with a look at some landscapes done with various drawing materials on a variety of papers and surfaces. For example, the drawing at left was rendered with several hard- and soft-leaded graphite pencils, which, when combined with the textured-surface paper, lent a richness of tone and texture. These examples are not the last word on landscapes. There are no...

Overlap and Tangents

How Draw Foreshortened Arm

Let's address some visual rules of space. The first visual rule is overlap. See how it is that shape 1. is closest to us and 11 is furthest away. This is all done with overlap. Overlap occurs when one line stops as it touches another. This makes it appear as though it has gone behind it. The circles in the bottom left corner also give us this depth effect. I have heard some instructors call this the T rule because of the intersection creating a T. At Disney they made a huge fuss about tangents,...

In the Studio

Light And Shadow Drawing Objects

In this chapter, you will learn about the objects and pointers that we, as artists, have come to rely on in our studio environment. Our years of experience will help you avoid the practical pitfalls you may come across while drawing. Ample Space Types of Easels Mirror Use Where to Buy . 29 Lighting is an extremely important aspect of drawing to consider. Drawing is about what you see and how you see your subject. Light is the most important element of drawing because it reveals the structure of...

Beginthe Stripes And Deepen The Background

Touching Drawings Pencil

With Black, begin adding the stripes of the tiger, following the patterns in the line drawing. Add some Black to the insides of the ears, but don't fill them in completely. Use the Black to deepen the outlines of the mouth area. Continue adding Light Cerulean Blue to the background around the tiger, working the color toward the suede board's edge. Deepen the tones on the right side of the tiger by adding some Black over the Light Cerulean Blue. Allow it to fade out gradually with a light touch.

Manga Characters Holding A Star

Drawings Star Wars Characters

Are you tired of Anakin being bald Me too Go ahead and draw in a basic contour of his long untamed locks. His hair is wavy, and pretty messy. Make sure it lifts a little from his head, instead of being glued close like a ski hat. We're going to add a slight indication of Anakin's shoulder, as portraits of just a head without a neck and shoulders often look really creepy -- and not the kind of 'Anakin-creepy' we're looking for. When adding the Jedi tunic, remember that Anakin is looking over his...

Star Wars Sketch Ship

Star Wars Clone Drawings

Add some lines accross the top of the ship, and the top for the cockpit. Also add the back line for the opening of the ship. Add details to the barrels and wings, and add the doors on the gunship. Define all the shapes on the barrels, cockpit and wings. Add lines to both doors on the ship, and add the smaller gun barrels and details to the front. Define all the shapes on the barrels, cockpit and wings. Add lines to both doors on the ship, and add the smaller gun barrels and details to the...

Stepby Step Charcoal Study

Value Study Drawing Charcoal

Find your beloved again-a subject you are attracted to and willing to spend time with. Adjust its position and lighting, if necessary. Turn off other lights and close curtains blinds to create more dramatic lighting. Observe the objects in your setup and squint to block out detail. You want to see two basic, interlocked dark- and light-value shapes on each object. Where dark meets light, the transition is soft, blended. It bears repeating It's crucial to squint to see those shadows more...

Freehand Drawing Exercises

Freehand Exercises Lines And Circles

D gt gt t gt t gt OM gt M gt t gt t gt t gt l gt an It looks so easy, doesn't it But just try to repeat the various figures carefully and very evenly on your exercise space J j o o tnr o r i o i i o 7 o e j o c i o c n o t The following repeat exercises show that your eye is already capable of anticipating and visualizing the correct lines in advance. With each exercise you will become aware of the countless possible variations Your free choice of these possibilities will now rapidly grow and...

Which Eye Has The Expression

DISTRESS INNER BROW END SLANTS UPWARD STRAIGHT-ACROSS TYPE HIGH-ARCHED TYPE The inner end of the eyebrow can be very expressive emotionally. If it drops down below a certain point see p. 66 , it indicates one sort of emotional state. If it moves above a certain point, it indicates distress. What separates these is the relationship of the inner third of the brow to the outer two-thirds. Ordinarily, the inner third lies either level with or below the rest of the eyebrow. If it moves even slightly...

Section The Muscles

Cylinder Drawing

Muscles are like rubber bands they can pull but they cannot push. Therefore there must be two sets of muscles for every motion one set to pull out and another to pull back. The two sets are placed more or less opposite to each other and while one pulls the other is relaxed. Likewise, in twisting, there is one set of muscles to twist to the right and another set to twist to the left. The muscles are attached to the bones and operate on the bones, pulling them back and...

Bodybuilding Drawing

Action Poses For Drawing

Sven is our not very lovable Viking hero, or antihero, with the typical mesomorphic body of the hero in fantasy art. Sven is a muscular, athletic character with an aggressive and outgoing personality. He is very fit, like a body builder, with well-defined musculature and hardly any fat. Sven has an impressive stature with slim hips and waist, broad shoulders, big arms and legs, and a thick neck. 1. Surly, belligerent, aggressive expression, known in the industry as the Arnie. 2. Helmet,...

Aircraft Carrier Sketch

Aircraft Perspective Sketches Examples

When the ellipse is viewed from the front even if you changed the angle from the top to the bottom, this method works fine. This means that the top of the ellipse occurring at a diagonal angle is correct. Another way of looking at this is illustrated in the drawing on the left. tovever, in drawing A, i-e perspective ends up ceinc stranoe and settee. So what do ycu do Consider the fee hat there is aside that rests on the cr-xnd and a side that can ce viewed trom above. When the ellipse is viewed...

Outline The Edges And Begin The Shadows

Flower Outlines Fill Colors

Fill in the center of the flower with Canary Yellow using circular pencil strokes. Once the Canary Yellow layer is complete, overlap it with Limepeel on the upper side of the flower's center. Along the left side, overlap the Canary Yellow with Magenta. This will accentuate the center of the flower. With Magenta, begin outlining the petals. Look for areas that are extremely dark and areas that are lighter, and use thinner lines and less pressure in the light areas. Lightly fill in some of the...

Anatomy as Shape

Biceps Asymmetrical

Forceful shapes can get more specific. I want to discuss some powerful theories about the anatomy of the body that pertain to force and rhythm as seen by forceful shape. The body, as I said earlier, is built to move. Its musculature is set up in traverse angles from one area in the figure to another. These relationships allow it to perform. If you work out or you are a physical therapist, you know exactly what I am talking about. The biceps are opposite in f unction to the triceps. The biceps...

Shade And Shadow

Shadow Objects

In sunlight, all form becomes clear and sharp except for objects receding in the background or distance. Shadows are distinct and reveal to the viewer whether the terrain is flat or hilly. Grass in shadow is an excellent example of this, as it conforms to the contour of the land. In the sketch at right, you will notice a boulder in the path of the tree shadow. Shadows do not go around objects rather, they follow the contour or shape of the object, in this case a boulder. The shadow goes over...

Smudging the Pencil

Pencil Drawings Deer Scenes

This drawing, done in Ferdinand Petrie's studio, illustrates the effect you can get by smudging the pencil. He used a 2B pencil, varying the pressure, and then used a paper stump or smudging. Many of the lighter tones were done with the stump itself. At right is the same drawing done on-the-spot. He used 6H and 4H pencils for the light values, 2H and HB pencils for the middle tones, and a 4B for the dark tones. The artist feels Ihis drawing has a much nicer quality because the individual...

Car Sketch In Perspective

Box Shape Car Sketches

Sketch the basic shapes, chisel out the shape of the train, and add feature lines. Next add the shading, paying close attention to subtle value changes. Sketch the basic shapes, chisel out the shape of the train, and add feature lines. Next add the shading, paying close attention to subtle value changes. This is a Facel Vega, a French sports car built in the 1950s and 1960s. This is a fun lesson to practice dissecting your subjects by first looking for the basic shapes, remembering the rules of...

Torsoback View

Anatomical Drawing Geometric Perspective

3 Latissimus dorsi Trapezius From occipital bone, nape ligament and spine as far as twelfth dorsal, to clavicle, acromion and ridge of shoulder blade. Action Extends head, elevates shoulder and rotates shoulder blade. The back presents numerous depressions and prominences. This is due not only to its bony structure, but to the crossing and recrossing of a number of thin layers of muscles. It should be borne in mind that the superficial or outside layers manifest themselves only when in action....

The Villains

Anime Boy Sitting Cross Legged

His shoulders are narrower than the Strong Soldier s on the Goodies' side. A domineering pose irrespective of the genre type. A little taller than the Hero. Huge hands and feet to emphasize his strength. The Enemy Adviser The Sorcerer Character 1 The Enemy Adviser The Bad Witch Character 2 The same size as the equivalent on the witch on the Goodies' side but she strikes a feminine pose. Half a head taller than the Hero but smaller than the Enemy Chief. An attractive character Half a head taller...

Highlighting The Flowers

Night Blooming Cereus Flowers Drawing

Load the 3 4 or 1 2 brush with Titanium White which has been thinned with a very small amount of painting medium, carefully smoothing the bristles to a chiseled edge. Starting with the large back petals, place the carefully loaded brush at the outer edge of the first petal, just outside the underpainting. Apply pressure and slow stroke in towards the center of the flower, releasing pressure as you near the dark flower center. Reload the brush and continue by fanning a series of long,...

The Figure in Light

Fundamentals Pencil Drawing

For some reason many students seem to have their greatest difficulty in what they call shading. This is probably because there is no such thing as shading, in the sense they mean. The term modeling is more accurate. The student wants to add tone lo outline, so he is likely to put in a lot of meaningless grays and darks between the outlines. What lie must do with tone is the same thing the sculptor docs. The shadow is a tone that is governed in the first place by the value in the light. Things...

Perspective Drawing Of Staircase

How Draw Stair Freehand

Drawing the first vanishing lines 1 A I The next step is to indicate the vanishing lines to the main point. Once all vanishing lines have been inserted it will be possible to outline the entire canopy on the strength of these new reference points and the estimated length and height of the canopy, which vanishes to the main point. We now draw in the spatial dimension, the step and grid for scraping off muddy shoes We should stress here that the utmost care and attention should be devoted to...

Recording Shapes Upside Down

Upside Down

No, you don't have to stand on your head to do the next exercise Copy the image on this page, then later, the one on page 18, just as they are, upside down if you turn them right side up, it will put you at a disadvantage. These images are already exaggerated and somewhat goofy, so don't be concerned if you make them look strange or out of proportion. They already are. In fact, you'll probably improve them. Keep your paper upside down until you finish drawing. If you turn it around before then,...

How To Draw Rooms

How Draw Narnia Characters

First, where you are going wrong Let's compare an amateur drawing with the work of a professional. It is not just a matter of this picture is good and this one is bad. A professional's work demands many things attention to minute detail, knowledge of the subject matter, the ability to concentrate, and smooth line strokes. Compare your drawings with the following pencil drawings and time how long you take. Beginner You've got the perspective right but When drawing from the head down, there is no...

How To Draw Star Wars Characters

Anime Jaw Line

Draw two curved lines that will help you see where Asajj's eyes, mouth, and nose will go. Once the lines are in place you'll see that one goes from her forehead to her chin, and the other goes from one ear to the other. Draw a U-shaped line below her neck to represent the collar of her outfit. Next, sketch in her jaw line. Generally you want female characters to have smaller, more delicate jaw lines, and male characters to have wider, stronger jaw lines. So for Asajj, make sure her cheek area...

Charcoal Pencil

Portrait Drawing Oriental Woman

Erasing the guidelines of Step I, the artist begins to define the features more precisely. He draws the slender eyelids and constructs the blocky end of the nose with the one nostril wing that shows in this three-quarter view. Now you see the familiar wingtike shape of the upper lip. The artist adds a curve just above the chin to define the bony shape. He squares up the corner of the jaw and then moves upward to draw the internal detail of the ear. On the hard surface of the paper,...

Cyooddramx efres olft a sercJc orsiMjoe basic forms

Beginning Drawing Measurement Exercises

a A i te pane form ef ai csAecL coe c amp K test bucldok Jt surface forces. defuse fortt t cue pfawistudy carefully co tal e yM does as ffrare s across f te surfaces, HotcH fke zr-easa lcqfcfs kaffdotos CZttol sAezclocd. lines or contours, and the flat side for shading or grays. For the effcet, see page 24. The drawings in this book were done with the Eagle Pencil Company's Prismacolor Black 395 to obtain good blacks for reproduction, since all dots on a line cut must be black. Different...

How To Draw Black Cat Anime Drawing By Pencil

Drawing Pencil

Add Reflections and Final Darks and Details Add reflections with back-and-forth horizontal strokes using a 4H pencil. Lightly indicate distant water and trees near the horizon. Add some darks to the boats with a 4B pencil and darken much of the foreground boat with the 4H pencil. Add some simple seagull shapes with a 4H pencil. Sign and date your artwork. Graphite on drawing paper 11 X 14 28cm X 36cm Acid-free paper. Paper that has not been processed with acid. Acid can cause paper to yellow...

Small Children

Head For Children Drawing

Let us understand that no branch of art can be reduced completely to a formula without endangering the very art that must go into it. We do, of course, seek ways and means to an end, and that end is correctness. Art, however, is not the justification of correctness. Art is not always perfection. Ixit us say that art is truly a form of expression, and full expression cannot be limited by formula, but only guided toward greater meaning and truth. African sculpture has expression and becausc of...

Overlap To Finish The Tones And Shadows

Womenbody Color Pencil Drawing

Overlap the shadow areas with Dark Brown and then Rosy Beige. Continue fading into the lighter areas, making sure your colors look even and gradual. Finish the teapot by adding Black Raspberry to the contours to give the pot a warm hue. Maintain a very sharp point and overlap the existing colors. Add a small amount of this color into the shadow areas behind and below the teapot. Just like using a grid, segment drawing breaks down large shapes into smaller, more manageable increments. It follows...


Perspective Projection Road Drawn

1 8.7 Sketches of Classical Furniture This makes no great demands on the draftsman, provided the furniture has more or less closed forms. The horizon line is plotted first, as always Then come the verticals, which also provide height-to-width proportions for the various faces The vanishing lines converge left and right on common vanishing points on the horizon. If these vanishing points are unattainable, we can use scale lines to indicate the correct vanishing line direction. Another drawing...

Stepby Step Value Drawing

Light And Shadow Drawing

Use your preview tools and a light sketch to indicate the basic shape and scale of the object. If you're working with a symmetrical object, check it out on a vertical surface at viewing distance. A rt is created in layers. We begin with Jr . an underdrawing, then work on top of it in steps, as in this demonstration. Darker values, crisper contours, and more details are added gradually. Every stage is a blend of steps, including back STRATEGIES FOR FILLING IN OVERALL VALUE When you...

Characters Expressions by Type Head Real Type Shoujo Manga Genre Girl

Nape Hair Sketch

Most important is the purity ot her image because she is not ot this world. Whatever is said, she is an unemotional and strong-willed girl. It seems as if she is always staring tar into the distance. She is gentle and speaks little. Draw her carefree as if she is floating above this world untouched by mundane things. You must draw everything In fine detail. You very rarely view her from below. But practice drawing her because she features in momentous scenes of grace and resolve. When she faces...

Onepoint Perspective

Boxes One Point Perspective

These are the basic rules that govern a one-point perspective drawing, and it is worth remembering that all lines that do not appertain to the horizontal or the vertical axis will go back to or terminate at the perspectival point that as been set up in this drawing. 1 Draw a square on your piece of paper just to the left or the right of the centre of your piece of paper. Make sure that this square runs parallel to the edges of the paper. 2 Now draw a horizontal line across the piece of paper...

Grid Method Drawing

Grid Method Drawing

Pink Rose, Hot Pink, Crimson Red, Cool Grey 50 , Cool Grey 70 , White Sometimes glass can be very complicated not only in color, but in shape. This little Fenton glass basket is decorative and delicate looking with its ruffled edges and braid-like handle. Such details must be studied carefully. Use the grid method to draw these shapes accurately, studying how the shapes of the glassware are captured within each box.

Sketching The Figure In Action From Imagination

Drawing Figures Action

And setup the figure in action is not as dl ffi cult as it looks and setup the figure in action is not as dl ffi cult as it looks DRAW SOME OF THESE, BUT DRAW MANY OF YOUR OWN keep your drawing's fr.e b, and sketchy. draw many figures at various eye leve-ls. keep your drawing's fr.e b, and sketchy. draw many figures at various eye leve-ls. a s mpl way of Getting female proport ons-take to knees- to waist, to topof head. 3 fiy X TOP OP HI6A0 THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN rHE MALE AND FEMALE...

Perspective The strength of angles

One Point Perspective Drawing

The first topic we'll cover is perspective. Perspective is not difficult, it just takes some time to understand what you are seeing and know that you are capable of representing depth on the page. This happens after understanding the traditional ways of drawing it. I learned perspective in junior high first, then from How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, and then, most importantly, from the four years of architecture I studied in high school. The cube or box is the beginning of understanding...

Shape Into Form

Shape Form Drawing

Shape can very easily be transformed into form by the use of shading. We can see in the drawing after Picasso opposite, below that regular shapes have been given the illusion of three dimensions by using various well-known shading techniques. He has taken these shapes and turned them into representations of human forms. Not only has he given them form, he has given them a character, and a life. He has created the form by using different types of bracelet, crosshatch, and linear lines to build...

How To Draw Perspective Projection

One Point Perspective Projection

And touching the latter in point a, which becomes the centre of vision. Project this point to a line drawn parallel J distant 12 ft., to scale, locating the stationpoint thereon. From this point draw lines parallel with the sides of the frame a d and a-b, intersecting the H.L., which locate thereon the left-hand and right-hand vanishing points respectively. Draw the ground line G.L. 5 ft. below the ILL. and parallel therewith this locates the picture plane, upon which we can now produce the...

Ambient and reflected light

Highlights Lighting Drawing Human

So far, we have been dealing with only one light source. In the world around us, such a situation is very rare. Objects are usually illuminated from nearly all around, with light of different colors. Take an outdoor scene. The most obvious source would be the sun, which emits an almost white light. But there's also the light from the sky, basically a dome that casts a weaker, blueish light on everything from all around. Figure 5.13. Direct sunlight and ambient skylight Combined, this will...

Pencil Portrait

Graphite Pencil Jaw Structures

Still working with the side of the 2B pencil, the artist begins to darken his tones selectively. He strengthens the shadows on the brow and cheek around the eyes, nose, and-mouth and on the neck. Now, us usual, the upper lip is in shadow and there's a hint of shadow beneath the lower lip. The tip of the nose casts a small shadow downward toward the corner of the mouth. The artist also darkens some of the tones on the hair and strengthens the tones of the collar. At this point, the...

How To Draw Manga Hand

How Draw Open Hand Step Step

The fingers taper toward the ends, but widen out at the joints. The finger bones extend beyond the knuckles into the back of the hand. Looking at the shapes in between the fingers helps you to get the fingers right The thumb is attached at a large joint positioned close to the wrist. Here's where you really have to get to know your skeleton, because the shape of hands is dictated almost entirely by their bones. Muscle groups rarely have any definition because, although maximum dexterity is a...

Brush Technique

Skull Column Brush

Brush and ink is an excellent mediurn for drawing animols. Since the fur textures of animals vary, your brush technique will vary olso. To show the high sheen of a race horse, for example, I keep my brush stroke thin, close together, ond even, leaving open areas to suggest high lights. Shagginess, which is a characteristic of some camcis, dogs, etc., may be conveyed by a dry-brush style. This is obtained by thinning out your brush on scratch paper after you have dipped it in ink. The desire...

Twopoint Perspective

Technique Draw Perspective Drawing

1 In two-point perspective the drawing theory is very much the same. The difference is that the box or cube is set in a different orientation to the picture plane - instead of drawing a square in a facing position or running parallel to the picture plane, as we did in step one for the one point perspective drawing. We instead draw a vertical line just to the left or right of centre. 2 Now put in the horizon line that, for the sake of this example, makes this line cut through the vertical line...

Day at the Museum continued

How Draw Sculpture

This Greek sculpture of a male torso from 450-400 BC has a freshness, vitality, and degree of realism that completely transcends the passage of time. An important aspect of its vitality is the subtle lateral swaying motion of the sculpture. The sketch was executed with an HB pencil and a kneaded eraser. The line around the figure was intentionally varied to help capture the rhythm of the figure. Copy after a Greek statue, by Dean Fisher Copy after a Greek statue, by Dean Fisher This drawing of...

Project Building a Barn

Cubes Pyramids Cylinder

Okay, after all this drawing, how about a little painting This is, after all, a book about painting. This project allows you to practice your drawing and shading skills as well as work with perspective. Then you get to give your paintbrush a workout as well. The farm scene in this project is a collection of cubes buildings , pyramids roofs , and cylinders silos . The scene uses two-point perspective. Should you need to draw your own two-point perspective, measure the roof line and the ground...

How To Draw Muscles Step By Step

Ft is essential to understand how muscles work in motion. Exciting art begins and ends with action, and to that end, bodies must be stretched and pulled into any number of realistically rendered positions. When in motion, muscles take on new shapes that are sometimes surprising Some grow, some shrink, and others seem to appear as if from nowhere Although a lot of attention is usually given to the obvious muscles, such as biceps, pectorals, and abdominals, lesser noticed muscles, such as the...

Objecfsr Perspective

Pencil Drawings Geometry

Without understanding the rules of perspective, it would be impossible to create a drawing of your home, like I did here. I've seen many a drawing or painting fall short because of inaccurate perspective. Study and practice the exercises in this chapter and you will acquire a better eye for perspective. It will help you see all the angles and slants that are so important in your drawings. Many ordinary, everyday objects are angular in shape and made up of squares and rectangles. If it has a...

Drawa Person DAP Art Assessments

The DAP technique, as devised by Karen Machover, operates by reflecting a person's self-concept. This self-concept is not only projected onto the blank paper but also expressed through the client's verbalizations. As I have noted, Machover designed her technique to be utilized in con junction with a series of carefully designed questions which can be found in her book Personality Projections in the Drawing of the Human Figure . However, for the purposes of this book I have replaced these...

Making Use Of Photographs To Study Drapery Of Clothes

Drawing Drapery Lessons

The thousands of photos found in newspapers and magazines are all for your use to assist you in your study of drapery. The plan which I followed is STEP ONE Tear a photograph of a clothed figure out of a magazine or newspaper. STEP TWO Make a simple but accurate drawing of the figure with a colored pencil. It is advisable to keep this drawing in simple solids, making sure that the cylindrical forms are shown in their correct relation in space that is, to show that they are coming forward or...

Oblique Drawing

Oblique Drawing

Figure 61 on the following page is the solution for this problem and was derived using the same procedures as for normal surfaces. Step 1. To the best of your ability, make an oblique freehand sketch of the proposed solution view A . Step 2. Using very light lines, lay out a rectangular box whose height, width, and length correspond to the height, width, and length given in the orthographic views. In this case, a receding axis of 30 was chosen view B . Step 3. Using very light lines, lay out...

Below Are Several Examples Of This Method Study The Various Applications

Perspective Drawing Methods

Suppose we wanted to divide face A of this object into two equal spaces, face B into four equal spaces, and the top into eight equal spaces. BELOW is the solution when each face is viewed head-on. AT RIGHT is the same solution in perspective. STEP 2 Connect point 7 to opposite lower corner and continue to horizon line. This gives us a special vanishing point for all guide lines parallel to this one. STEP 1 From lowest corner of face to be divided draw horizontal line and tick off the number of...

Star Wars Drawings

Drawing Starwars Battle Scenes

This will add depth to the picture and make it look really 3-D. Make parts that are further away like the backwing and inside the ship darker, and add a few highlights. You can add a cool background if you want to, or you can put this ship in backgrounds of your other pictures. It would look great in a battle scene. You're done Great Job You can add a cool background if you want to, or you can put this ship in backgrounds of your other pictures. It would look great in a...

Things To Remember

Pencil Shading Still Life Drawings

When drawing colorful subjects, it is important to add the colors in layers, beginning with the lightest. Figure out the undertone, or lightest color of the drawing, before you begin. Using a circular motion with the flat of the pencil lead will give you the illusion of speckling like that found in pottery glazes. Look for the five elements of shading, particularly reflected light, when drawing rounded and spherical objects. Foreshortening is when the shape of an object appears distorted...

Star Wars The Clone Wars

How Draw Star Wars The Clone Wars

Start bringing more shapes and details into the piece. The lower lines for the helmet, the break off of the shoulder and chest armor. And you'll notice another eye line slightly under the existing line. Start to really take those bits and pieces and put this puzzle together. The helmet details, as you can see are just a matter of taking what you did in Steps 4 and 5 and filling in the blanks. It is all basic lines and shapes.

Manga Background

Tape For Manga

90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 Black is 100 . 1 is 10 and 2 is 20 . 80 is almost black and 5 is pretty much white. The numeral on the left stands for the number of dots in one square inch. Cut and attach each tone type to the predetermined areas. Cut and attach each tone type to the predetermined areas. Roughly cut the tone to the size of the frame. Tones already have a light coat of glue on them. If you lightly press down on them, they will adhere to the page. f gt Secure the tone by firmly...

Studying the Face Start

Face Drawing Examples

Use your own face at first, since with this subject matter, you're the one most likely to be generous with your time. Find a mirror that allows you to see your whole face. Light it from one side to give yourself some clear value contrast. Make sure you don't create a complicated set of shadows. But first, let's deal with some typical responses to using yourself as a model My nose is too big. My nose is too short. I hate my hair. I have too many wrinkles. If any of such imagined, or even true,...

Layer The Undertone And Begin The Background

Horse Face Front

Base in the undertone of the horse with a light application of Orange. With Terra Cotta, create the patterns of muscles and contours of the horse's body. Where the light heavily reflects off the shoulder of the horse, it resembles the ripples seen in a moving body of water. Use Terra Cotta to build the dark areas here and add color to the mane. Start the blue background from the top and work down, carefully layering Non-Photo Blue. Allow the blue to outline the horse's face, especially where...


How Draw Human Head Plates

Here you see how the scale works out in practice. The circle represents the ball, and the width is the width of the head, including the ears. We find that the face is about two units wide and that the eyes fall between the middle halves or at the quarter points of the two units see upper right . This coincides with the divisions of the ball and plane with which you are already familiar.

Means Of Diagonals

Drawing Skeleton Fundamentals

Things as units of rug designs, fence posts, telephone poles, trains, window panes, blocks in sidewalks, building blocks, bricks, roofing, wallpapers, etc. 7 re c i amp yotta r of units o t a yerhca jo gjcke cue amp oft z p amp rj amp eHC tcu as- e tf tz M krouxf f ffte t ajfctsAttt pout -of kaf p atte. Eifker di lt 2cfoH amp tttay gt amp uf amp cf. fvp tee or tike azse zke. 'Mir was-frs o Fffte texf ot faf o iknwoA. t gt 2,z jGt, Every artist should know how to draw to a scale. Scale drawings...

The Thumbnail Sketch

Thumbnails Sketches

The thumbnail sketch is a very small sketch approximately 2 x 2 of your subject as you are viewing it through your viewfinder. The purpose of this type of preliminary sketch is to visualize how your subject will look once you begin drawing it larger on your paper. Because of the simplicity and rapidity of execution, these sketches are very useful for experimenting with the arrangement of your subject within the format of your paper. It is recommended that you do two or three thumbnail sketches...

How To Draw With Color Pencil

Wood Grain Colored Pencil

This drawing of a has many of the same colors and techniques as the drawing of the wooden door handle at right. However, to represent the intense light of the sun, the colors have been burnished to appear brighter. The orange color of the wood is reflected in the textured skin of the lizard, and the blue of the sky is repeated in the white part of the wood above him. Beige, Burnt Ochre, Terra Cotta, Orange, Tuscan Red, Cool Grey 50 , Aquamarine, Black, White Simply put, the key to creating...

Realistic Oak Tree Drawings

Nature Pencil Drawing

Some of the most distinctive characteristics of oak trees are the heavy boughs with twisted, angular branches. These boughs and branches can easily be seen because oak trees have many more sky holes than most trees. Another outstanding feature is the downward thrust of the lower branches, as shown in the graph-ite-pencil drawing at right. The foliage is often heavily branched, and in the fall, it puts out a beautiful scarlet and red-orange leaf. Whereas most trees drop their leaves in the fall,...

How To Draw Isometric Drawings

Famous Isometric Drawings

Form of geometry to establish the angles. As with the example of the isometric drawing, I have established the 30 angle from using a 90 right angle. You can place a right angle to the vertical and then make an approximation as to the angle of your observation. When you feel confident that the angles of the lines you are about to draw are right, use a ruler to draw them to the point where they converge. At this point you will have established for that building or object one of its vanishing...

Glowing Pencil Shade Drawing

One Stroke Pencil Drawing

With a pink rubber eraser, ihe artist removes most of the guidelines that appeared in Steps 1,2. and 3. Now he can see the lines of the profile and features more clearly and begin to block in the tone. Turning the thick pencil on its side, the artist begins to render the tones surrounding the eyes and nose, the cast shadow beneath the nose, the dark tone of the upper lip. and the pool of shadow beneath the lower lip. Broad, free strokes fill the underside of the jaw with shadow,...

Deepen The Tones And Create The Cast Shadow

Continue building the Orange color to deepen the hue, still leaving the white areas alone. Leave some yellow showing along the bottom of the pear and along the edge of the recessed area on the pear's base. Like the sphere exercise on page 28, this will form the rim of reflected light to make the pear appear more rounded. With Dark Brown, create the dark side of the stem. Also apply some of the Dark Brown to the recessed area on the bottom. Add both Dark Brown and Limepeel to create the cast...

Four point perspective

Perspective Draw Fisheye

So here it is, four-point perspective in all its glory. It reminds me of looking out o window in New York City. If you were at the height of obout the thirteenth f loor and the buildings around you were thirty f loors, this is what you would see. We have squeezed depth on both the vertical and horizontal planes with each having two points of convergence. This is the world of perspective we live in. The closer something gets to your eye, the more of a fisheye lens effect you will see. The center...

Geometrical Plan

Drawing The Human Head Perspective

The square has heen selected in our first lesson on the geometrical application of the an, as a form not only most intelligible, but at the same time valuable in consequence of the unerring verification of its diagonal with the point of distance, and for other considerations which will be made evident to the student as he progresses. Above we have the GEOMETRICAL or GROUND PLAN of a square in connexion with its perspective representation or Perspective Plan in the picture, viewed under the...

Facial Perspective Drawing

Drawing The Human Head Perspective

Racy of the eye and judgment, as well as decision of hand, attain the desired end. If the operation holds good in one case it will in another, and we have but to transfer such points to other required positions, under precisely the same circumstances that we would if we desired merely to place the square itself in perspective. In the example m, the operation is more simple, from the parallel position of the circle in reference to the base line here we have but to decide upon the central points,...

What Is A Oblique Perspective Portrait Drawing

Drawing The Human Head Perspective

The lines of the other sides find their termination on the vertical cd to their original vanishing point b. Now all this may seem to be a great deal to say about a trap-door, but if the pupil will give it his earnest attention, he will find in this and the previous examples the solution of one of the most beautiful problems of perspective one well worth remembering. ilates and verifies itself in every respect with that which has just preceded, as will be evident from the examples annexed. 84 To...

Sketching Nature

Drawing The Human Head Perspective

However incomplete a work on perspective may appear, without its rules in reference to shadows, the artist-student, whose eye now looks on nature alive to the just perception of the influences of the art, who can counterfeit the reality in conformity with its laws, can scarcely need a recipe for its shadows falling, as they do, in masses, more or less defined, of position and form, modified and influenced in their shapes by the recipient object on which they are thrown, and those by whose...

Now Take A Common Object

Low Poly Model


Compressed Charcoal

Compressed Charcoal Techniques

Compressed charcoal is made from finely pulverised high-grade hard charcoal. It is compressed into round sticks and held together with vegetable glue. The soft brittle consistency of the compressed charcoal enables you to create very dense black velvet tones. The tonal value of the charcoal can also feel harsher when applied to the surface of the paper compared to the quality of the tone made with the natural charcoal, which appears much softer and airy. 1 A broad mark made by dragging the...

In Other Words The Observer Simply Points In The Same Direction As The Lines In Order To Find Their Vanishing Point

30 Why The Parallel Pointing Method Of Locating Vanishing Points Is Important In T-square and triangle perspective, this method of locating vanishing points is an essential step. Thus, to draw the object below, we first construct a top view or plan left , showing the object, the picture plane seen as a line and the observer's position. On this plan, sight lines pointing parallel to the object lines are drawn to locate the vanishing points on the picture plane. Other sight lines project the...

The Buttocks Crotch and Legs

Face Floor Manga

When viewed from the side, this point is slightly off the floor. Drawing lines where the thighs enter the buttocks gives the buttocks a well-rounded look. When viewed from the side, this point is slightly off the floor. Drawing lines where the thighs enter the buttocks gives the buttocks a well-rounded look. On a hard floor, there will be a gap between the waist and the floor.

Tips On Drawing Animals

Drooping Rear Leg Muscles

Bears have a tendency to be pigeon-toed. The paws of the cat family spread out slightly. Most hoofed animals are slightly knock-kneed more so when they're young. Always indicate skeleton bones,- these will hold the sketch together. Once you are familiar with the relotive size of the various bones, drawing becomes eosier It is well to divido the body into three port foroquorters, belly, and rear quarters. Sinco this is a natural division, I aid in achioving proper proportion. Draw in dorsal...

Facial Features

How Draw Facial Features

It's important to have a clear understanding of the forms and proportions of the nose. It is often the area of the face that is closest to the viewer, and therefore, it has to be rendered with clarity. If clarity of form is achieved, the nose becomes a device that brings this part of the face closer to the viewer spatially, allowing the other parts of the face to recede. With a view of the nose from this angle a , you can see some of the distinct surfaces, or planes, of the nose. The underside...

Figure Solution To Isometric Drawing Problem Using An Isometric Template

Isometric Draw

Point is marked 0, and the two intersections are marked points 1 and 2 figure 51, view A . Step 2. Draw a rectangular box and transfer the points 1, 2, and 0 to the front plane of the isometric drawing views B and C . Step 3. Project the points in the front plane across the isometric drawing to the back plane view D , and label them 3, 4, and 5. Step 4. Align the proper hole in the isometric ellipse template with the center lines on the front of the isometric surface, and draw in the isometric...

How To Draw Heads

Draw Heads

IT IS SUCICeSTEp THAT YOU PKAW YOUR OWN pEET IN MANY PTOSES , SETTING A MIRROR. ON THE. FLOOR. Ai-SO.THACT YOU SET UP SHOES AN 7 pfcAw THEM FROM MANY ANGLES ANF VIEWPOINTS. A typical problem outlined by an art buyer We always need artists who can draw heads well. Good drawings of heads are required in almost all advertising, for illustrations on magazine covers, and litho displays. An acceptable head must be in good drawing, to be sure, but that's only the beginning of its job. If it's a pretty...

Pencil Drawings

Mea8urc by holding pcnol always at arm s lfc.ngrm iemcmbejl this plan gives the actual live proportions. make any adjustments you wish a3 you co alonq. usually add a little in length. cot two ftloht angles from some stiff cardboard, mafcic off in inches an0 cup together. .tws cam adjusmcmtgives proportionate width tohelcht. iemcmbejl this plan gives the actual live proportions. make any adjustments you wish a3 you co alonq. usually add a little in length.

Successful D

Sketch Fashion Light And Shadow

ALL DRAWING STEMS FROM ONE OR MORE OF THESE FORMS r- Art is really having its chance. The urge to raw seems to have taken hold of many more thousands today than ever before- 11 has spread across the nation. While many are interested in art as a pastime or hobby, others would gladly choose it as a means of livelihood if they were convinced that their ability was sufficient to provide any real hope of success. There will always be a certain amount of confusion about what is talent or native...

Pencil Art Aircraft

Sb2c Bomb Bay

An SB2C-1C with its retractable, leading-edge wing-slats open. Note the short-lived red border around the insignia as used in July August 1942, and the use of topside camouflage on the outer folding panels of the wing. The plane in the background has folded wings and open bomb-bay doors. An SB2C-1C with its retractable, leading-edge wing-slats open. Note the short-lived red border around the insignia as used in July August 1942, and the use of topside camouflage on the outer folding panels of...

Human Body Cartoon

It's not nec-I essary to render it fully at this I point. Bring the neck down to the shoulders. As a guide, it is useful to sketch a line across the shoulders where the right and left clavicle would be. This gives you a sense of direction for the rib cage draw that next. 2 Place a small circle at the end of each shoulder. These will approximate the shape of the deltoid muscles. Next, lightly draw the spine as a straight line running down from the ribs. At the end, sketch in...

Fence Posts

How Draw Fence Post

Putting up fences is not an easy task, so people want them to last. Two of the most popular woods used are locust and cedar. These woods contain an oily residue, which resists the weather for years. Naturally, there are many variations to these simple posts, which, through time and the elements, have become, to my eyes, pieces of sculpture. The post in the drawing Remnants was sitting alone in a field on an old farm in my hometown. I could not resist the beautiful patina of the wood, the pieces...

Eye Shape and Ste K Sfsic shapes

Twisting Triangle Drawing Illusion

For the round-lens type, you should draw an entire eyeball. Camera lenses and headlights can be used for mechanical eyes Use of multiple levels of tone and addition of light will create the impression of a three-dimensional lens. Camera lenses and headlights can be used for mechanical eyes Use of multiple levels of tone and addition of light will create the impression of a three-dimensional lens. i drawing a robotic mouth One is to fey the ines that connect the nose and mouth. .bonship to the...

The family car

Family Road Trip Cartoon

Every family piles into the family cruiser eventually, and in some cartoons, the cars are the stars. A car can add dimension and reality to your cartoon, either as part of the background or as a character see The talking car section later in the chapter . Keep the following in mind when cartooning family cruisers They often have squatty, exaggerated, funny-looking shapes. They're often some kind of SUV or station wagon. They're more accurately rendered if you study current car models to pick up...

Reversing Positions

Inked Hand Pointing Drawing

You can now do a surprising thing you can develop the drawing of frontal foreshortening just discussed mio its reversed position. First trace or copy closely the outline of the front view as shown al upper left. Note that the forearm now inserts itself into the dorsal side of the hand. This deliberately causes the eye to accept a shift in the spatial field from front to rear. Now dcclively insert the contours of the palm knuckle bulges, In the drawing at right note the accented knuckle forms,...

Pezceef eow owzrtc e outils YAMTA

Measurement Illustrator

Ix t poi rtj oft iJte AonxoJt sittee PROJECTING A SOLID TO ANY POINT ON THE GROUND PLANK Since any object can be constructed within a block, the method shown on this page will enable you to duplicate any object for placement at any other spot on the ground plane. The pro portions will he correct according to position and distance from the first object. The plan is to draw the block first and then the object within the block. Draty a cubes to tkesawe riqk axJ leff vtWifktKy points rofj toa r ox....

How To Draw Manga

Aztec Princess Coloring Pages

Fine-tip pens are often used with templates template or draftsman's ruler for curved lines. template or draftsman's ruler for curved lines. Fine-tip pens are often used with templates What are the differences between normal ink, document ink and drawing ink Here are two illustrations done in ink. water-soluble. As both are chemical products, a chemical reaction occurs when they are mixed together, and over time the colors will fade. You may be tempted to add or mix inks when supplies are...

Beauty with Bouquet

Sketching Sexy Anime

Curled hair is a hallmark of girls comics shojo manga . Here, a dozen or so lines twist together to form each tress, and you can see how the delicately curving lines and the varying widths of white space between them combine to give the curls a remarkable feeling of volume. Preserve Your Original Conception through Attention to Detail Start by blocking out the overall image, and then work up a complete rough sketch. If you go ahead and rough in the flowers and other accessories at this stage,...

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